May 152010

1 - cover - new iphone service  delivers temp location-based apps
Within the sixteen patent applications that were published by the US Patent & Trademark Office for Apple Inc today, a single gem emerged. It’s a very powerful new concept for a location based application service that is one of the most ingenious ideas that have surfaced on this subject in some time. The idea is simple. Deliver a location based service to information savvy iPhone users that wish to receive temporary retail and service-based applications. Imagine standing at the entrance of a restaurant and viewing their menu on your iPhone or entering a public library and being able to access their database. The minute you leave the library or the front of that restaurant, the app disappears so that you don’t clog up your iPhone with hundreds of local business apps. I don’t know if Apple will tackle this at their upcoming developer conference, but this is a phenomenal opportunity for hungry developers and/or Business Form companies looking for a new avenue for revenue. There are millions of non-geek business owners who are going to want in on this service so as to attract new tech savvy iPhone using clients. Snooze on this opportunity and you’ll Lose.

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Apple Lets Users Access Find My iPhone From MobileSafari

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Feb 192010


Apple has enabled access to its Find My iPhone service from your iPhone and iPod touch.

Now, if you lose your iPhone, MobileMe can help you find it. MobileMe includes a new feature called Find My iPhone. Just enable Find My iPhone in MobileMe settings on your phone. Then you can log in to from any computer to access Find My iPhone and display your phone’s approximate location on a map.

To use Find My iPhone on your mobile device navigate to and press to select the Use Find My iPhone button.