MacBook Air (13-inch)Hands On! [video]

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Oct 202010

We just spent some quality time with the new 13-inch MacBook Air, and it certainly seems like a worthy upgrade. It definitely feels significantly bigger than the 11-incher, and we noticed the function keys are standard MacBook size, as opposed to the shrunken ones on the 11. We also noticed that it was seriously instant-on — we popped the lid open and closed several times while taking photos, and it was ready to go the second we opened it. We’ll have more impressions and pics in a few, stay tuned! Continue reading »

MacBook Air (11.6-inch) Hands On!! [video]

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Oct 202010

Look, all we can tell you is that is one of the tiniest, thinnest, most lust-worthy laptops we’ve ever seen. We’re taking a deeper look at the device right now, but for the time being, enjoy the gallery below! Continue reading »

Apple’s “Back to the Mac’ event on October 20th

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Oct 132010

Oh boy. New Air? Verizon iPhone? Jobs grows a huge beard? Probably not. Apple wants to talk about “what’s new for the Mac,” which could mean some hardware — but the company definitely wants to talk software too. See that lion sneaking around behind the logo? Apple is bringing the media out to Cupertino to discuss (amongst other things) the next version of OS X. That’s right — a non-mobile product. If you think it’s too early for 10.7, don’t worry — last time we did this dance, the company previewed Snow Leopard about a year before it hit your screens. The whole thing goes down at 10AM PT on October 20th.

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