May 082014

Apple is working on technology to take iPhone pictures to a new level, according to a patent application published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The company is working on a “super resolution” imaging engine that uses optical image stabilization (OIS) tech that takes multiple photos and creates a super-resolution image. Continue reading »

Mar 312014

Weibo has posted some photos that supposedly show an iPhone 6 testing at Foxconn, but the credibility of the images cannot be confirmed. The iPhone 6 shown in the images has a protruding camera, rounded edges and looks much thinner than the current iPhone 5s. Continue reading »

Sep 262012

From the lab Lumia 920 lowlight shootout with Nokia 808, iPhone 5, HTC One X and Galaxy S III video

It looks like Nokia’s controversial marketing move, which involved using pro DSLRs to “simulate” low-light shooting, was even less necessary that the smartphone maker may have thought. During our visit to the company’s Tampere, Finland research and development complex, we were given access to a comprehensive testing suite, enabling us to shoot with a Lumia 920 prototype and a handful of competing products in a controlled lighting environment. Technicians dimmed the lights and let us snap a static scene with each handset at just 5 lux — a level on par with what you may expect on a dimly lit city street in the middle of the night. The 920 took the cake, without question, but the iPhone didn’t fare too poorly itself, snatching up nearly as much light as the Nokia device. The 808 PureView also performed quite well, but the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III yielded unusable results. Continue reading »

May 222012

One of our sources has provided us with images of what are claimed to be new next-generation iOS device parts being carried by a supplier. Supplier claiming next-generation iPod touch front panel would be taller than the current model and that the opening in the front panel measures 4.1 inches diagonally. Continue reading »

Mar 282012

Apple pushed out iOS 5.1 along with the release of the new iPad earlier this month, One of the additions that Tim Cook and his team talked about is the fact that they have removed the option to double tap the Home button on the lockscreen to display a camera shortcut button in favor of permanently displaying a camera icon that reacts to a swipe up gesture. Continue reading »

Oct 252011

Lisa Bettany, a developer of Camera+, one of the most popular third-party camera apps has posted an article, which compares the camera quality across all generations of the iPhone.


She writes:

The iPhone 4S is dramatically clearer and sharper than previous iPhone versions. Using separate focus and exposure in Camera+ on the iPhone 4 & 4S significantly helped create a more balanced exposure. While it’s not nearing the same quality as a professional level dSLR, it is comparable to a top of the line compact camera and even outshines it in some ways.

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Sep 022011

Case makers have traditionally been early sources of rumors about Apple’s next whatever big thing. Thus far, it’s been true for the upcoming iPhone 5. Financial incentives stemming from selling cases from day one are measured in millions of dollars in quick profits. Hence, it is really no surprise that case vendors have developed quality sources who tip them Apple gadgets’ dimensions and shapes so they could make molds on time. Continue reading »

Aug 302011

The past week has seen a massive amount of leaked next generation iPhone parts, the latest being from Greek iPhone, reports BGR.

According to the blog Greek iPhone, which published photos of what it is claiming to be new components from Apple’s upcoming iconic device, the iPhone 5 will be thinner than the current model and it will also feature volume buttons on the opposite side of where they sit now on the iPhone 4. Additionally, the camera module is “quite different” and thinner than the existing part, and it reportedly supports a higher resolution than the current module – it looks like an 8-megapixel sensor is all but confirmed.

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Aug 242011

The Nikon 14.1MP COOLPIX S1200pj Camera features a built-in projector that can project photos and movies from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch onto any flat surface up to 60 inches diagonally.

If you’re the gadget guru of your friends, get ready to blow them away with your latest high-tech device-the Nikon COOLPIX S1200pj. Featuring a powerful built-in projector that can project photos and movies up to 60 inches diagonally onto any flat surface, the 14.1-MP S1200pj is sure to be the center of attention at your next gathering. Its versatile 5x zoom lens provides wide and close-up options. Plus, the S1200pj can connect to an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod photo and project images, movies and web content from the device. Simply shoot, project and instantly bring the wow factor to any party.

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Aug 112011


Well, you can’t knock them for trying. First it was the images, which then evolved to videos and even an audacious “” visual of the forthcoming iPhone. The latest effort, which claims to be an unboxing of the eagerly-awaited smartphone, has made a good attempt to seem legit in the form of a professional boxing, as if it were shipped directly from the Cupertino company. Continue reading »