Sep 262012

We continue to receive information about the discussions between Apple and Google that ultimately resulted in Apple ditching the Google powered Maps app and launching its in-house developed Maps app, even though there was over a year to go for Google Maps contract. Continue reading »

Sep 202012

Apple patent application has iPhones text when calls don't reach spotty coverage areas

If you’re already using Android 4.0 or iOS 6, you’re likely familiar with the option to send a pre-made text reply to incoming calls you can’t take. Continue reading »

Sep 142012

T-Mobile’s American branch would really like to scoop up a few iPhone owners, and we’re getting a better sense of just how far it’s willing to go to lure refuseniks who’d otherwise go to AT&T. A product matrix leaked to TmoNews both shows the US carrier’s specially branded nano-SIM cards and suggests they’ll be available in October. Continue reading »

Jun 072012

That purported new iPhone backing has decided to show off its taller, slimmer, self again — this time in a full 360-degree video from parts reseller, ETradeSupply. It doesn’t reveal much more than what we got to see in those initial photos: a relocated headphone socket, two-tone surface and a much smaller dock connector. Continue reading »

Mar 202011

AT&T, the second largest mobile provider in the United States has announced they intend to purchase T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for a staggering $39 billion worth of cash and stock options.


The German Telco had been looking to offload the American arm of T-Mobile for a while now, and while many thought Sprint would be the likely purchasers, AT&T has struck a deal. With existing T-Mobile frequencies being compatible with those of AT&T (GSM), the purchase makes more sense than any involvement with Sprint, who’s current network runs on the CDMA standard. Continue reading »

Jan 112011

We just got a look at the Verizon version of the iPhone 4. Guess what? It’s just like an iPhone 4! There’s no custom pre-loaded Verizon software (like VCAST or some such bloatware), just that mobile hotspot tweak in the settings menu. There’s also no Verizon branding on the phone, though that’s hardly a surprise given Apple’s hatred of all logos that aren’t its own. The only real physical difference we can find are those tweaked CDMA-compatible antennas running around the edge — four in all, placed symmetrically and bumping down the volume / mute buttons. Interestingly, the phone is running iOS version 4.2.5, so perhaps that mobile hotspot functionality will make its way over to other iPhones when they sync up on iOS updates. Continue reading »

Oct 142010

We’ve already established that if you’re filthy rich, you probably don’t want the same cell phone as common folk. No, if you’re looking for something higher end, you’ll probably end up talking to Stuart Hughes, who customizes electronics by plating them in gold and diamonds. We’ve already seen his work on a $20,000 iPhone 4, but his latest achievement is downright ridiculous. Called the “world’s most expensive phone” (we’ll see how long that lasts), Hughes made two identical models for an Australian client. Each handset includes over 500 diamonds and totals over 100 karats, and comes in its own special granite box. Its total cost is £5 million — nearly 8 million dollars. Just don’t bother crying when you leave it on the seat of a cab.

[via engadget]

Apr 282010
Apple has acquired Siri, a company that makes a virtual assistant app. Siri was inspired by DARPA’s CALO — the Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes — project. Originally designed to help streamline military personnel’s activities, the consumer app focuseson helping you find things like restaurants, making use of speech recognition to boot. Essentially a smart search, there’s plenty of speculation of course as to what this means about the direction that Apple might be taking… and that direction seems to lead towards Google-y territory. Now we don’t want to speculate too much, but we’ll be watching to see how this plays out over the next few weeks. The terms of the acquisition aren’t known, meaning we have no idea how much Apple paid for the small startup, but Business Insiderguesses the deal could be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 to $200 million.