Verizon’s FiOS on Demand app for iPad and iPhone

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Sep 212011

It’s been in the works for more than a year, but Verizon’s FiOS on Demand app has finally arrived to the iPad and iPhone. Available as a free download on the iTunes Store, this tool provides FiOS subscribers with instant access to all movies or TV shows available under the provider’s Flex View service, which now boasts some 4,400 titles for purchase or rent, along with 32GB of cloud storage for each customer. It’s still unclear whether Verizon will be releasing a version for other tablets or handsets anytime soon, but iDevice owners can download the app at the source link below.

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Apple iCloud pricing per year: $20 for 10GB, $40 for 20GB, $100 for 50GB

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Aug 012011

As a part of today’s launch for developers, Apple has revealed the price points for extra iCloud storage for end users. As you can see in the screenshot above, iCloud will come with 5GB of free storage – as previously noted by Apple – but users will be able to upgrade their account to up to an extra 50GB. storage can be purchased through iOS 5′s settings application by end users. The best part about iCloud storage is that your Photo Stream images – which stay in the cloud for 30 days – don’t count against your tally.

Apple’s iCloud Will Cost $25 Per Year

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Jun 022011

Another day and another rumor about iCloud – Apple’s upcoming cloud based services that Steve Jobs will unveil at next week’s WorldWide Developer Conference 2011.

LA Times reports that Apple will initially offer iCloud services for free to users who buy music from the iTunes Store and later expects to charge a subscription fee of $25 per year after the trial period.

LA Times reports:

Dubbed iCloud, the service initially will be offered for a free period to people who buy music from Apple’s iTunes digital download store, allowing users to upload their music to Apple’s computers where they can then play from a Web browser or Internet-connected Apple device. Continue reading »

New MobileMe includes music locker, and may costs $20 per year?

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Mar 252011

The Music Void claims that Apple’s new MobileMe – reportedly due in April – will have a major music component, dubbed a ‘locker.’  The report does not delve into the details about this ‘locker’ but past reports have pegged the new service as your digital life stored in the cloud.

Informed sources say that Apple has sealed its deal with Warner and has been using that agreement to leverage the other labels to get the deals done in time for the April launch. The locker service will reportedly have somewhere around a $20 annual price tag.

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Cloud-Based iTunes and Wireless Device Syncing Coming ‘Soon’?

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Jul 012010

Boy Genius Report claims to have received information from an Apple source noting that the company is finally gearing up to launch its cloud-based iTunes initiative, a program that will also included wireless syncing for devices.

We have been told iTunes will be getting a huge cloud capability that many people have been asking for (and logically thought would happen sooner or later). These new capabilities are broken down into three groups:

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Apple Wants To Stream Movies To iPhone, iPad From iTunes Cloud

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Mar 032010


Speculations over a cloud based iTunes platform has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. We had written about this for the first time after Apple announced the acquisition of struggling online music service, Lala. It now appears that Apple’s plans go much beyond just music. There are now indications that Apple wants to also stream movies and TV shows from the cloud as well.

According to reports on CNET, Apple has been talking to major movie studios in Hollywood over letting users store their movies and TV shows on Apple’s servers thereby letting them access the stored content from a plethora of devices including the iPhone and iPad. The idea, it is said, is to make the devices’ hard drive disk space irrelevant by moving all the content the user owns out into the cloud. According to observers, this will help to increase content-purchase among users who may otherwise slow their purchase down for the fear of maxing out their hard drive.

However, Apple’s plans may have run into trouble already. Sources have revealed that the movie studios may not concede to Apple’s demands that the content purchased via iTunes be made accessible only via Apple-approved devices. James McQuivey, a media analyst at Forrester Research notes:

“The studios are very concerned that they’re going to get roped into somebody’s proprietary platform. They want a world where consumers have a relationship with the content, and not with the device or the service. They are in a position to force Apple to go along and make sure that content bought [via] iTunes will play on a Nokia phone. That is very un-Apple-like.”
McQuivey also notes that Apple might not wield enough influence in the movie space as they do on the music front. This is because of the presence of a Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) consortium that seeks to address the interest of all its media stakeholders and hence may not agree to Apple’s walled garden policies. Having said that, the equations could change if the iPad becomes a success in which case the movie studios might be interested to ink independent deals with Apple.

This is something we will have to wait and watch, though. What are your thoughts? Will Apple succeed in bringing movies to the cloud? Let us know your views.

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