iPhone 6 mockup massive comparison video [VIDEO]

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May 142014

We have seen many comparisons of iPhone 6 mockups to the iPhone 5s and fifth generation iPod touch and we have definitely seen a huge amount of  rumored iPhone 6 images, reders, schematics, and videos. And now 9to5Mac has made a massive comparison video comparing an iPhone 6 mockup to an iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iPod touch. Continue reading »

FaceTime vs Skype Video Calling for iPhone Comparison ! [VIDEO]

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Jan 052011

Now that Skype for iPhone has support for video calling, Lifehacker has gone on to compare the two of the most popular video calling options available for iPhone users, FaceTime and Skype, to see which one has better audio and visual quality.

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Apple is now third largest PC vendor in US with 10.6 percent market share

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Oct 142010

Apple might be billing its next big event as “Back to the Mac,” but don’t let that fool you into thinking its computer platform has been waning. Quite to the contrary, according to IDC, which reports the Cupertino team has grabbed third spot in the US PC sales charts with a 10.6 percent market share, bumping the incumbent Acer into fourth. Two million Mac shipments during the period represented an increase of 24.1 percent relative to last year, while the overall PC market turned in a somewhat morose 3.8 percent growth. Gartner’s also unleashed its numbers unto the world today, giving Acer the lead for third by the slimmest of margins, but both stat teams agree that the Taiwanese vendor has suffered a bad year along with Dell, which has also experienced some shrinkage. Toshiba’s the only major Windows machine seller to see its fortunes improve with double-digit growth, while HP seems to be hanging on to the top spot nice and steadily. Hit the source links for worldwide numbers.

[via engadget]

iPhone 4 vs. Galaxy S Screen Resolution

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Jun 262010

We just couldn’t leave this face-off of superscreens alone, and went back for another bite at the cherry. Admittedly, we found out the Galaxy S had a browser-specific brightness setting that we hadn’t maxed out before setting off our camera hounds, so we’ve gone and remedied earlier comparison shots with the gallery below. Continue reading »

Jun 052010

It’s oftentimes easy for us to get swept up in Android mania and forget that Google’s mobile platform is still in its infancy. Then we get cold hard numbers like these — showing iPhone OS owning 28 percent of the US smartphone market and closing in on RIM’s leading 35 percent — and we face up to the realization that Android handsets still account for less than one in every ten smartphones owned by Americans today. In spite of collecting 28 percent of all consumer smartphone purchases in the first quarter of 2010 (according to NPD), Google’s OS was only able to climb up a couple of percentage points in terms of total market share, showing just how long a road lies ahead of its world-conquering plans. Guess that now explains why Apple’s response to the earlier numbers was so nonchalant.

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MOTO touchscreen comparison recruits robotic implements for heightened precision (video)

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Mar 242010


So you saw that the first MOTO smartphone touchscreen comparison was done with a fleshy humanoid controlling the testing finger and discounted it as scientifically flawed? Well, MOTO’s back and this time the arm of judgment is operated by a coldly mechanical and ruthlessly precise robot — a machine in itself, we’ll assume the robot is intrinsically immune to developing fanboy tendencies. Joining the iPhone , Droid Eris, Droid, and Nexus One of the earlier test are Palm’s Pre and RIM’s BlackBerry Storm 2, whose results you can see at the source link below. The full test methodology is also explained there, including a list of the drawing apps used, which were selected with a view to minimizing smoothing algorithms that may prejudice the outcome. We’re not gonna tell you who won, you have eyes of your own after all, and will just direct you after the break for the full robot-on-smartphone video action.

Robot Touchscreen Analysis from MOTO Development Group on Vimeo .