Verizon begins throttling iPhone unlimited 3G customers

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Sep 172011

We can’t say we weren’t warned, since Verizon updated its data policy way back in February, but it’s still a punch in the gut to hear its “network optimization” plan went into effect yesterday. A new policy page pointed out by Droid-Life explains how the policy will affect only the “top 5 percent of data users with 3G devices on unlimited data plans” (LTE and tiered data users are in the clear) by managing their speeds when connected to towers it has deemed are congested. Those conditions, termed network intelligence by Big Red, are what it feels separates this scheme from mere data throttling since it will only affect a few users (those consuming 2GB or more of data per month) at certain times and places, but it’s hard to see it any other way. If you’re one of those affected, expect a message on your bill or My Verizon account, although you may go into and out of the affected group depending on your usage. Hit the source link below for all the details — anyone else think it’s not a coincidence this policy popped up just before the iPhone 4 came to Verizon and is being implemented only weeks before the next iThing is expected to arrive?

AT&T announces throttling plans starting this october

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Jul 292011

AT&T has announced that it will throttle unlimited data plan customers starting in October.

Like other wireless companies, we’re taking steps to manage exploding demand for mobile data. Many experts agree the country is facing a serious wireless spectrum crunch. We’re responding on many levels, including investing billions in our wireless network this year and working to acquire additional network capacity. We’re also taking additional, more immediate measures to help address network congestion. Continue reading »

AT&T raises iPhone tier on October 4th, Maybe iPhone 5 launch date?

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Jul 122011


We’ve just been handed some internal AT&T information on device changes:

A new tier of device will be created in AT&T’s phone database on October 4th (a Tuesday:) which will require a higher rate of insurance. iPhone (and other devices) will move there on the arbitrary October 4th date. It is curious that the iPhone was mentioned specifically and not other devices.

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Apr 272011

1. Why is Apple tracking the location of my iPhone?
Apple is not tracking the location of your iPhone. Apple has never done so and has no plans to ever do so.

The big hubbub that arose last week around location tracking within the iPhone has now received its due response from Apple itself. Firstly, the Cupertino company claims it does not, and has no plans to, track users’ iPhones. What it’s actually doing is “maintaining a database of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers around your current location,” which are then used to provide speedier calculation of your position when you want to use the device’s maps or other location-based services. The data collection that was recently brought to the public attention represents, according to Apple, the location of WiFi hotspots and cell towers around you, not your actual iPhone. Still, the fact iPhones have been shown to store as much as a year’s worth of data is considered a bug by Apple, who plans to limit that period to a week in a future software update. The additional issue of data being collected after users turned off Location Services is also a bug, also to be fixed by Apple in that upcoming update. Left unanswered, however, are the questions of when Apple “uncovered” these bugs, as it claims, and why the fix for them is only coming now. Specialists have known about this behavior since at least September of last year. Either way, the software remedy is promised over the next few weeks, while the next major iteration of iOS should encrypt the cache file that’s been the subject of all the scrutiny. You’ll find the full Q&A after the break. Continue reading »

Mar 082011

If you’re planning to buy iPad 2 with Wi-Fi+3G in the US, then it is important to remember that you get an option to select the model that either supports AT&T’s network or Verizon’s CDMA network – not both.

Though Verizon was selling the original iPad along with AT&T, the original iPad with Wi-Fi+3G only supported AT&T’s network so Verizon had to offer the MiFi mobile hotspot with the original iPad with Wi-Fi only model for 3G data. Continue reading »

AT&T to allow unlimited iPad data plans on iPad 2, For Existing Costumers

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Mar 052011

Good news, iPad 3G owners. If you were lucky enough to snag one of those coveted unlimited data plans with your original AT&T iPad, you won’t have to toss it when upgrading next week. The carrier has confirmed to us that those who currently have the aforementioned plan will be able to keep it on their account when upgrading to the iPad 2, which in turns gives you no reason whatsoever to turn down the opportunity. Except for the lack of a USB port, SD card slot and a screen that touts the exact same resolution as the first model, of course.

Verizon iPhone Customers To get Unlimited Data Plan

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Jan 252011

Couple of weeks back Verizon announced that it will finally be offering Apple’s iPhone on its CDMA network from February 10. One of the things that Verizon has not yet revealed is the pricing of the data plans for its iPhone customers.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Verizon’s Chief Operating Officer Lowell McAdam has just revealed that it will be offering the unlimited data plans on top of customers calling plans to iPhone customers. Continue reading »

Verizon iPhone 4, 3G mobile hotspot

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Jan 112011

It’ll probably be subject to an additional fee as usual, but Verizon and Apple have just revealed that the new CDMA iPhone 4 will act as a mobile WiFi connection for up to five devices. It’ll come with an iOS-specific version of the Verizon 3G Mobile Hotspot that folks have been enjoying on their Droids for many moons now. That should allowing for laptops, tablets and the like to get online via iPhone without a pesky cord, and almost certainly make the long-verboten iPhone – iPad tethering connection finally attainable. Joy to the world!

Update: Verizon called it an app, but getting hands-on we can see that’s not the case at all — Personal Hotspot is built right into the CDMA iPhone 4’s build of iOS 4.2.5. Perhaps we’ll see it migrate to other devices as well?

[via engadget]

Apple is now third largest PC vendor in US with 10.6 percent market share

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Oct 142010

Apple might be billing its next big event as “Back to the Mac,” but don’t let that fool you into thinking its computer platform has been waning. Quite to the contrary, according to IDC, which reports the Cupertino team has grabbed third spot in the US PC sales charts with a 10.6 percent market share, bumping the incumbent Acer into fourth. Two million Mac shipments during the period represented an increase of 24.1 percent relative to last year, while the overall PC market turned in a somewhat morose 3.8 percent growth. Gartner’s also unleashed its numbers unto the world today, giving Acer the lead for third by the slimmest of margins, but both stat teams agree that the Taiwanese vendor has suffered a bad year along with Dell, which has also experienced some shrinkage. Toshiba’s the only major Windows machine seller to see its fortunes improve with double-digit growth, while HP seems to be hanging on to the top spot nice and steadily. Hit the source links for worldwide numbers.

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How To Track Your iPhone 3G Data Usage with Data Counter

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Oct 012010

For those of us who are on data-capped / tiered mobile internet plans, keeping track of how much data one is consuming is of great importance and convenience. And for those of us who are on jailbroken iPhones can use Data Counter to track how much data is being used.

Data Counter has a very simple UI and has equally simple yet useful features. You’ve got options to filter data consumption by date and by sent or received. You also get to see data consumption with a Data-Time graph that’ll stimulate your inner mathematician.
Data Counter is an cellular data counting app for user to keep track of their data usage within a period. Good for those who need to keep track of their data usage such that they don’t exceed their allocated data volume.

You will of course need to have a jailbroken iPhone to install it. Follow our step by step guide posted here to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with JailbreakMe if you haven’t already.

It works on both iOS 3 and 4. A trial version of the app can be downloaded from Cydia under Big Boss repository. Full version of the app costs $2.99.