Latest Apple upcoming device rumors

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Jun 172014

The Economic Daily news has reported the latest rumors of Apples upcoming iOS devices that include the iWatch and the sapphire-crystal iPhone display. Continue reading »

Apple may release iWatch in Q3 2014

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Apr 082014

According to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News report, Apple may be launching its iWatch in the third quarter of 2014. The wearable device will be manufactured by Quanta Computer while TPK and Richtek, a Taiwan-based chip design house, will supply panels and chips for the device, according to report. Continue reading »

Report: Apple To Release 5-inch Retina Display Device Next Year

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Mar 302012

The latest in Apple related gossip reckons the fruit company to be working on a brand new mobile device, complete with a five-inch Retina display. Larger iPod touch? Smaller iPad? Surely not, you might dismiss. Continue reading »

ATF’s Drop’s Blackberry For Apple’s iPhone

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Feb 282012

Following close on the heels of the NOAA, The US department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms is exchanging their BlackBerries overwhelmingly for iPhones according to a report today by Politico. Continue reading »

TinyUmbrella Update Bringing New Features

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Aug 292010

Semaphore the developer of TinyUmbrella is working on a huge update for his famous program that lets you backup your shsh blobs. TinyUmbrella frees you from Apples controlling actions and lets you restore to any firmware you want if you use the program correctly. For a list of upcoming features:

Continue reading »

May 052010

Installous, Hackulous’ application for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad which lets you browse for and install cracked apps straight on your device, is getting a major facelift. In previous announcements we discussed our plans, including native app installation, API polls, announcements, concurrent/multiple downloads and installation tasks, native interface for browsing, and graphical improvements.
We’re pleased to announce the release of Installous 3.0.1. It’s the first public release of Installous 3, which was previously only available to our Advancements users (after donations) during its beta testing phase.

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ThinkFlood’s IR transmitter In a Smaller, Cheaper Package

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Mar 032010


ThinkFlood released the Redeye in December of last year, which is a little unit that hooks up to your iPhone and, working with a separate app, turns Apple’s handheld into universal IR remote. Our own Brett Terpstra liked the device, but said the unit was a little costly and could probably use a few tweaks. ThinkFlood has apparently made those tweaks, however, as they’ve now announced the Redeye mini, a smaller (and cheaper) form of the IR device. This one doesn’t use the dock connector at all — it’s a tiny little unit that just plugs into your headphone port, and then can control any IR remote device with a free app.

The price is only US$49, much cheaper than the earlier device ($188). If you’ve been looking for a cheap and easy-to-use IR hookup for your iPhone, the Redeye mini might be just what you’re waiting for. The press release does mention that the device requires you to run OS 3.2 on your iPhone, but given that the only date listed for sales so far is “Spring,” ThinkFlood likely won’t release until the new version is out anyway. But it’ll be something to keep an eye on for sure.


Laser Pico Projector Review

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Feb 122010


I’m still skeptical about laser projectors — while the technology is impressive, the practicality is still a little limited. And unfortunately, Microvision’s demo of their SHOWWX projector here at Macworld 2010didn’t do much to change my mind. It’s a nice little device — it’s almost exactly the size of the iPhone, and the rep told me that most of the unit is actually the battery — and there are some good applications for it. But for the consumer market that Microvision really wants, the $500 unit (that will go on sale in March) is still a little too small in terms of scale and usability.

Just using the device, which will project clear images and video from an iPhone or iPod on a wall about three to four feet away (more or less depending on ambient light), you can tell that the idea of a microprojector is almost at the level where it could be really successful. As the rep said to us, the iPhone is a 1:1 device, and while many of us do use it to show pictures and video to each other, it’s really only meant to show one person at a time. But the projector goes to a “1 to few” relationship instead, and that’s a prospect that will be appealing to anyone who wants to show off business presentations, video, or pictures of family members to anyone else.

There are a lot of other good things about the projector as well: since it’s a laser projector (the specific technology is called “pico p,” and Microvision is looking to sell not just these retail units, but the tech itself to anyone willing to pay), there’s no focal requirements — you can basically point it at any surface shape, and it’ll project in a visible way. It’s a piece of cake to use — just plug it into the iPhone and go.

There are enough issues that the unit isn’t perfect yet, and not all of them are Microvision’s fault. For one thing, that battery — it only lasts two hours (enough to watch a movie, but not much else), and it basically doubles the size of the iPhone. For another, the capability — Apple hasn’t yet enabled developers to project screenshots or actual app screens from the connector port, so while this might be a great device for showing off apps to friends and business groups, no dice. And the price is still a bit high — at $500, business users may be interested, but not many regular people will pay more than they paid for their iPod touch just to project pictures from it.

Personally, I think we will see projectors more and more — eventually, they’ll be included in a successful device (maybe even an Apple device), and consumers will enjoy projecting their favorite content on makeshift larger screens. But the technology just needs to get a little smaller, less power intensive, and a little cheaper. Microvision’s projector will be available in the US in March, and you might even see the sales guy bring one around the next time he arrives at your company for a pitch.

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Tuaw Tutorial: Downgrade Your 3.1.3 iPhone to 3.1.2

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Feb 092010


Last week I downloaded (but did not install) the iPhone OS 3.1.3 firmware for my 3GS. I wanted to have a copy of the firmware on hand, but didn’t want to upgrade right away. I checked “Do not ask me again” and clicked Download Only. I thought that was the end of the matter.

Unfortunately, this Sunday, I plugged in my iPhone and left the room to grab some tea. When I returned, the iPhone was 50% of the way through the 3.1.3 firmware upgrade procedure. It did something I had no idea that it would do: it upgraded me without asking.

How frustrating! What’s more, I didn’t have a copy of 3.1.2 on-hand to downgrade to because iTunes automatically deleted the old firmware files and I was using default Time Machine settings; Time Machine does not normally back up ~/Library, the folder that contains the iTunes ipsw files.

Fortunately, I had several resources. First, because I had jailbroken my phone and registered my device signature with Jay Freeman’s caching service, I knew I could downgrade my phone. As Jay and I discussed in this LiveChat from a few months back, Apple no longer allows you to freely downgrade your iPhone software. All firmware installations must be verified with Apple’s signature servers.

By jailbreaking your phone and registering your device signature with Jay’s system, you’ll be able to bypass Apple’s verification system and return to the firmware you prefer — or at least to the earliest firmware whose signature you have stored on the caching site. To make this happen, you must both register your device and update your /etc/hosts file. Jay’s site has complete instructions on how to comply.

Second, I could grab a copy of old firmware from sites like Felix Bruns’ and iClarified’s These sites provide Apple download links for old firmware releases. I downloaded a fresh copy of the 3.1.2 ipsw (iPhone software archive) and installed it onto my system. Using a standard option-restore trick, I was able to put that firmware onto my iPhone. iTunes verified the upgrade with Jay’s server and installed it onto the device.

Note: If you receive the “The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (3004).” error, make sure to quit iTunes and flush caches at the command line: sudo dscacheutil -flushcache.

If your device updates properly, you will receive a 1015 error and your unit will now enter a semi-permanent recovery mode, the mode in which your device shows an iTunes logo and will not boot further. To proceed, you’ll need to use iRecovery. Download a copy from this site. (It requires libusb, so read the entire post before running.) Run iRecovery from the command line and supply the -s flag. Wait for the “]” prompt, and do not type anything until you see that prompt appear.

Enter the following commands:

] setenv auto-boot true
] saveenv
] /exit

After, you will return to the command line. Reboot your phone by pressing the home and sleep buttons for 10 seconds, per the instructions on the site, and your iPhone should boot back to standard 3.1.2.

Note: Be aware that this method does not downgrade your baseband. It remains at the 3.1.3 setting.

Thanks Jay Freeman, Sjoerd (aka WiFone), and Paul “PhoenixDev” Griffin


One Response to “Tuaw Tutorial: Downgrade Your 3.1.3 iPhone to 3.1.2”

  1. toNYc311 Says:
    Man gotta love all this work we have to go through JUST to make our iPhones more OUR OWN phones. I recently had to restore using the method where you use Saurik’s verification server. Worked like a charm. I’m running a PWNage Tool custom 3.1.2. It was actually very easy to restore. I didn’t need to downgrade or anything. Just had an issue with a certain ROCK extension that bricked my phone (ugh) at the Apple logo lol.

    Now I’m slowly getting everything back. I have finally decided to permanently leave anything related to Rock alone. Last straw syndrome for me!