Don Melton, Former Safari Chief Shares Memories About Steve Jobs

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Apr 112014

Don Melton and Steve Jobs were not close but he has been involved with Jobs since the days of NeXT and is the former Safari Chief. Melton has contributed to the Safari browser and WebKit. Continue reading »

iTunes 9.1 Blackra1n Fix For Windows

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Mar 312010

As you guys may know the new itunes 9.1 update broke blackra1n for windows so in turn the users couldn’t boot their tethered jailbroken iphones or jailbreak fresh iphones using blackra1n. Don’t worry the fix has been released and ill get to the point so download the new blackra1n that works with the new itunes 9.1 below.


Mar 262010


Geohot, the iPhone
jailbreaking expert who has released popular jailbreaking and unlocking tools like blackra1n, blacksn0w brings good news for users who have been waiting to jailbreak their iPhone on iPhone OS 3.1.3.

He has announced an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 2G, iPod Touch 3G; that might also work on the iPad.

Geohot has made the following announcement on his website:

The jailbreak is all software
based, and is as simple to use as blackra1n. It is completely untethered, works on all current tethered models(ipt2, 3gs, ipt3), and will probably work on iPad too.

He has also published a video to demonstrate the untethered jailbreak:

It is not sure if he has used the Safari exploit to the jailbreak the iPhone or the exploit that he had discovered few weeks back.

Currently its possible to only jailbreak iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G on iPhone OS 3.1.3 using Dev Team’s PwnageTool.

Geohot hasn’t announced the release date. We’ll keep you posted so stay tuned here at Theiphonenerd or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

[via Geohot’s website ]