New Parts For iPod Touch And iPhone 5 Leaked [Images]

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May 222012

One of our sources has provided us with images of what are claimed to be new next-generation iOS device parts being carried by a supplier. Supplier claiming next-generation iPod touch front panel would be taller than the current model and that the opening in the front panel measures 4.1 inches diagonally. Continue reading »

Aug 062010

The next generation iPod Touch is expected to be launched in the fall of this year and there are already widespread speculations over the various new features that this new iPod Touch model could come with. One of the most talked about feature is the camera.

You may remember that the current model of iPod Touch too was widely speculated to come with a rear-facing camera though it is learned that Apple scrapped the feature eventually.

With the launch of the new FaceTime video calling feature on iPhone 4, chances of the new iPod Touch getting a front-facing camera to support FaceTime are now extremely high. These speculations have now received a boost with recently leaked pictures of what an iPhone parts supplier claims is the front LCD and bezel of the fourth generation iPod Touch. The part contains a hole on the front-side that could potentially house a camera for FaceTime calling. Interestingly, a high resolution image of the picture also reveals a stamp that indicates that this part could belong to Apple. Check out the images embedded below. Continue reading »

Will iPhone iChat Finally Break the Voice Calling Scam?

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Apr 232010

Will iPhone iChat Finally Break the Voice  Calling Scam?A front-facing iPhone camera means video calling, but it’s also a sign of something bigger. Combined with other recent leaks, it means that Apple is bringing iChat to the iPhone. Everything about voice calling may be about to change.

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Will The Apple Tablet Come With a Front Facing Camera?

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Jan 242010

apple-tablet-concept-25Why do we need a Tablet? This is one question that the world will look to Steve Jobs for an answer when the Apple Tablet will be unveiled on Wednesday. Rather than trying to sound cynical, the question needs an answer for one major reason that the Apple
Tablet is touted to be different things for different people – It will provide you with news, let you watch movies, play games, read ebooks, etc. and so it needs to be seen if the Tablet will do all that one wants it to do.

One such logical requirement that users would have in such a multi-purpose device would then necessarily include a camera. But that part of the Tablet’s specifications still remains a mystery. So far, there have been contradicting reports on whether or not the Tablet will include a webcam/camera. While we first interpreted France Télécom Stephane Richard as confirming the presence of a webcam, John Gruber from Daring Fireball later questioned the claims saying his own Apple sources have revealed that the device will not come with a webcam.
However, in a recent article, the Wall Street Journal has indicated its sources as saying that the Tablet could come with a front-facing camera. The newspaper wrote:

“This person said Apple has experimented with the ability … for the gadget to automatically recognize individuals via a built-in camera.”

Again; these are rumors and we will never know till the Tablet is actually unveiled. However, if the rumors turn out to be true then it could mean the possibility of video conferencing
, which has been one of the features on our wishlist for the iPhone.

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