May 162014

Apple’s “Powerful” ad featured an app called Word Lens by Quest Visual that was originally launched on iOS 4 years ago. The app allows users to use their smartphone camera to translate words and displays the translation on the screen in real time. Word Lens and Quest Visual have now been acquired by Google according to a post on Quest Visual’s website. Continue reading »

Sep 262012

We continue to receive information about the discussions between Apple and Google that ultimately resulted in Apple ditching the Google powered Maps app and launching its in-house developed Maps app, even though there was over a year to go for Google Maps contract. Continue reading »

Nov 022011

Google has today brought forth a significant update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users of its social network app: Google+.

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Jul 192011

Apple has finally approved Google’s Google+ iPhone app and is now available in the App Store.

Google launched Google+ – its latest social networking project few weeks back to compete with Facebook. It has received a quite a few positive reviews and is already more than 10 million users strong and growing.

Google+ allows users to put their family and friends into Circles and lets them selectively share with specific groups within their personal network, rather than sharing with all their social connections at once. Continue reading »

Jul 052011

According to a Google developer, a Google+ client for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad has been submitted to the iOS App Store and if no issues are found, the App should be approved rather quickly. Google+ is Google’s new endeavor in social networking, which has captured the headlines in recent days.

According to developer Erica Joy on Google+ itself, the iOS app was submitted prior to today, which suggests that approval should be on its way:

For my iPhone using friends: the Google+ iPhone app has been submitted to the App store (no not today, sometime prior to today) and is awaiting approval. Continue reading »

Jun 162011

Currently, there are few ways to access Google Search on the iPhone: you can simply launch the Google Search app from the home screen or use Spotlight for iPhone or use mobile Safari.

If you’re looking for a quicker option that allows you to run the search query from any iPhone app without exiting it, then checkout jailbreak tweak – QuickGoogle.

Here’s a brief description of the jailbreak app on Cydia: Continue reading »

May 232011

i3D is a new app that can create a glasses-free 3D display on iDevices, using a technology known as Head-Coupled Perspective (HCP). Developed by the folks from the Engineering Human-Computer Interaction (EHCI) Research Group, HCP uses a front facing camera to track the movements of a user’s head, allowing the app to adjust the display accordingly. Continue reading »

May 102011

According to a report by WPP’s “BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands”, Apple has surpassed Google to become world’s most valuable brand. The brand value of Apple has increased 859% since the year 2006.

Other notable companies in that list includes: IBM at number 3, and Microsoft on number 5.

Full press release is as follows:

Apple becomes world’s most valuable brand, says WPP’s BrandZ Continue reading »

Mar 162011

What you once knew as the Google Mobile App has been rechristened the Google Search app, signifying a renewed focus for Google’s primary iOS application. Having formerly served as a multifunctional access point to all of Google’s varied web apps, the new software is now geared to serve search needs first, with its other offerings relegated to a secondary “Apps” menu. There’s also the addition of a new toolbar, accessible by swiping left to right, and improved fast-app switching support. The ever-present bug fixes and a few more user interface tweaks complete the list of changes. To get your download on, you may exploit either the source link below or the QR code above. Continue reading »

Dec 132010

Google has finally released a native iPhone app for Google Latitude.

Google had launched the Google Latitude feature in Google Maps back in February 2009 that allowed users to share their location with their friends and family. Google had released Google Latitude for iPhone in July 2009 but as an iPhone web app and not a native iPhone app. At that time, Google had highlighted that they had to release the feature as a web app due to limitations imposed by Apple on third party iPhone apps. It is good to see that Google and Apple have settled their differences as the iPhone web app was crippled as it couldn’t run in the background. Google announced the release of Google Latitude for iPhone on the Google Mobile blog: Continue reading »