Sep 262012

We continue to receive information about the discussions between Apple and Google that ultimately resulted in Apple ditching the Google powered Maps app and launching its in-house developed Maps app, even though there was over a year to go for Google Maps contract. Continue reading »

Jan 092012

TeleNav has just unveiled their new navigation service called Scout at CES 2012, which can be accessed via an iPhone app, a web app on and in-car systems.

TeleNav claims that their navigation app is different from other apps:

Scout is different from other navigation and discovery services because it provides a single, easy-to-use experience for daily information that is important and customized for each driver’s personal journey. Using Scout, drivers can easily and efficiently navigate their commutes, run errands, and explore places around them.     Continue reading »

Aug 312011

Back in July, someone sent in this photo described as portraying a prototype phone, presumably iPhone 5, in the hands of an Apple employee on his way from work in San Francisco.

We find it hard to believe Apple would be foolish enough to lose another iPhone prototype – and at a bar, too – but this comes from CNET and they’re vouching for it. An iPhone prototype – probably for an upcoming model,  allegedly went missing last month in Cava22, a Mexican restaurant and bar in San Francisco’s Mission District.

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Jun 282011

Hate gridlock? We’d surmise you aren’t alone, so pardon our excitement surrounding the latest addition to TomTom’s longstanding iPhone app. New in version 1.8 is the addition of HD Traffic, which extends congestion data to both “major” and “secondary” US roads. Existing TomTom Traffic subscribers get the functionality gratis, with the rest of us dishing out $20 via an in-app purchase. Free for all who upgrade are multi-stop routes, allowing one to tweak excursions to your heart’s content — provided you can count those diversions on one hand. The updated app is already live in the App Store, but please, pull over before downloading — cool?

[via engadget]

Mar 172011

You may not have known this, but besides missing a 3G radio, the WiFi-only iPad also lacks the A-GPS chip that enables exact GPS positioning versus less-accurate WiFi triangulation. Well, according to Tablet Monsters, if you’ve got an iPhone with iOS 4.3 and are subscribed to Personal Hotspot, your shiny slate should be able to tap into the GPS chip of it’s smaller-screened family member. Reports in the MacRumors forums confirm that people are indeed seeing this added functionality on both iPad 2 and the original. Though the native Maps app is reportedly working perfectly there’s talk of unfriendliness in turn-by-turn GPS apps — though this could have to do with the refresh rate of the transmission. If you’re already shelling out for the Personal Hotspot plan this is a nice added bonus, and makes the choice between the 3G iPad and the WiFi one just a little bit easier — assuming you’ve got an iPhone of course. Still skeptical? Check out a video of it in action after the break. Continue reading »

Dec 212010

There’s no shortage of iPhone navigation apps out there, but we can’t say we’ve seen too many that come with 1.6GB of offline map data — especially for free. That’s the hook for NavFree USA, which just went live in the App Store — sure, it also has some interesting social features like crowdsourced map updates and navigating to friends, and you can buy add-ons like traffic and speed camera info, but we think most people will use the free turn-by-turn and call it a day. That is, until Apple builds navigation directly into the OS.

[via engadget]

Oct 212010

Holy moly: Cinematographer Luke Geissbuhler is now the coolest dad in the universe. He and his son launched a freakin’ iPhone into space. The entire project (details below) was a rousing success and the bestirring video embedded after the jump is an amazing evidence of its sheer awesomeness.

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Oct 042010

When Apple addressed a congressional inquiry on privacy in July, the company claimed that it couldn’t actually track a particular iPhone in real time, as its transactions were anonymous and thoroughly randomized. Bucknell University network admin Eric Smith, however, theorizes that third-party application developers and advertisers may not have the same qualms, and could be linking your device to your name (and even your location) whenever they transmit data. Smith, a two-time DefCon wardriving champ, studied 57 top applications in the iTunes App Store to see what they sent out, and discovered that some fired off the iPhone’s UDID and personal details in plaintext (where they can ostensibly be intercepted), including those for Amazon, Chase Bank, Target and Sam’s Club, though a few were secured with SSL. Though UDIDs are routinely used by apps to store personal data and combat piracy, what Smith fears is that a database could be set up linking these UDIDs to GPS coordinates or GeoIP, giving nefarious individuals or organizations knowledge of where you are. Continue reading »

May 162010

The Wi-Fi iPad unlike Wi-Fi+3G iPad model is not equipped with GPS. iPhone and now iPad hacking expert, Matthias Ringwald has developed an application that allows users to add GPS to their iPad.

Ringwald is the developer behind the popular jailbreak app – BTStack Keyboard that lets users of jailbroken iPhones to connect their device to a wireless keyboard.

With BTStack GPS app Ringwald has tried to integrate a GPS system to bluetooth enabled devices like the Wi-Fi only version of iPad that do not contain an onboard GPS navigation system.

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Apr 222010


Google has announced Google Maps Navigation (beta) in the UK and Ireland for Android devices 1.6 and higher. Navigation includes features such as 3D views, turn-by-turn voice guidance, automatic rerouting, traffic, satellite and street views and more.

According to MacUser, Google has confirmed that it plans to bring the Google Maps turn-by-turn GPS Navigation with voice guidance to the iPhone.

MacUser UK reports:

Google confirmed at a London press conference that it plans to bring free satnav to other smartphone platforms, including the iPhone, although it wouldn’t say when.

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