EA Games server compromised, hackers stealing Apple ID & credit card info

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Mar 202014

Update: EA said in a statement that it’s investigating the reports (via TheVerge):

“Privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us, and we are currently investigating this report… We’ve taken immediate steps to disable any attempts to misuse EA domains…” Continue reading »

iPad 2 Has Been Jailbroken

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Mar 132011

You knew this was coming — it was only a matter of time — and here it is, Apple’s latest creation sans the iOS 4.3 chains. The development community credits @comex with installing Cydia on this white iPad 2, and he’s apparently already hard at work on a public jailbreak. According to his Twitter feed, the hack required a brand new exploit, as previous bugs were squashed in iOS 4.3. We’ll keep you posted on when the hack’s ready for you to use, too.

iPod Nano Hacked

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Dec 292010

It looks like iPod nano that was launched by Apple in September has been hacked by developer and hacker, James Whelton.

He has managed to remove an app icon from iPod nano’s Springboard and replace it with a blank space by bypassing the checks performed by the Nano OS.

Whelton explains:

I’ve successfully done a basic springboard hack, figured out how to bypass the cache comparison and uncovered some interesting stuff as whats to come on the iPod Nano. The springboard hack is just the removal of a app and creation of a blank space. Not that amazing, but whats important is the bypass of Nano’s cache comparison, which compares any modded SB file and reverts it if it doesn’t like it, this opens up the possibility of hacking and modding, while not adding bootloaders or any of that fun stuff.
You can checkout the video of the hacked iPod nano below: Continue reading »