Apple Currently Working On Hardware Specific Features For OS X Mountain Lion

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May 172012

A project called AppleSeed, allows select people – and we don’t know how they are chosen – to test out very early and exclusive access to new releases of software for testing. That particular group of people may have been given a little clue as to what direct Apple is taking with its next big cat. In an email to those on the Appleseed program, Apple has requested that users inform the company of their latest hardware configuration to enable “exclusive seeds” of new software, with Mountain Lion being mentioned by name. Continue reading »

Aug 252010

Look who’s back. The LCD plus digitizer combo that we first laid eyes on last month seems to have leaked out again, still claiming it’ll be part of Apple’s upcoming (unannounced, but popular knowledge anyway) iPod touch 4th generation refresh. It continues to insist it’ll have a front-facing camera, pointing to the rounded hole in its forehead as evidence, and we’re now inclined to trust it that little bit more given the leaking site’s prior record. A visual inspection reveals it to have the same fused design as on the iPhone 4, which naturally invites speculation that the retina display will be pulling some PMP duty as well. Skip past the break to see the new screen side-by-side with Apple’s latest phone display and third-gen iPod touch hardware.

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Jun 172010

Apple has traditionally been — how shall we put it — cagey with revealing memory and CPU specifics of its mobile devices, but MacRumors is today reporting its discovery that the fourth-gen iPhone’s RAM apportionment will be a very healthy 512MB.

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