Apple TV updated to 4.1.1 may fix resolution and download problems

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Dec 152010

See, sometimes dreams do come true. Just days after we asked how you’d tweak the second generation Apple TV, in flies an update that a good many TV owners have been anxiously awaiting. The 4.1.1 update purportedly solves “an issue that causes some high-definition TVs to incorrectly display at 480p,” as well as an issue that “may cause a movie or TV show to be re-downloaded.” It’s pretty obvious that Apple’s aiming to correct a nagging color / banding problem that has been plaguing some owners since day one, but according to users over at Apple Insider’s forums, it’s not a cure-all solution. A handful of members have stated that their sets — typically using an HDMI-to-DVI adapter — still display incorrect colors after the update. Flip on your own box and get the download started, and let us know if it’s the fix you’ve been after down in comments below.

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KIRFy iPad adapter adds HDMI output

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Oct 162010

You know that iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter that you wasted money on? Yeah, turns out there’s probably a superior alternative available in the wilds of China… well, aside from the fact that it probably lacks an internal authentication chip needed to play back most protected content. Noosy’s iPad HDMI output adapter is fairly simple in design — it plugs into the 30-pin Dock Connector that’s on modern iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, and then allows 720p content to flow directly over HDMI. We’re guessing there’s just a VGA-to-HDMI converter wrapped inside a familiar package, but we definitely like where this is headed. There’s nary a word on how much this will cost you (or what street corner you need to visit in order to find one), but here’s hoping the engineers in Cupertino are paying attention to what consumers are really after.

Apple Will Add HDMI to Macs Later This Year

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Mar 012010


AppleInsider reports that Apple is preparing to introduce HDMI connectivity into some its new Macs later this year, bringing increased compatibility with home theater systems as well as the ability to deliver both video and audio over a single cable.

More specifically, prototypes of a new Mac mini — Apple’s smallest and most affordable system, commonly employed by tech savvy Mac users as an ad-hoc living room media server, has been making the rounds with an HDMI port in place of its legacy DVI connector, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The Mac mini prototypes are claimed to look otherwise identical to existing models and continue to offer a mini DisplayPort alongside the HDMI port.

As the report notes, HDMI is electrically compatible with the DVI standard, allowing conversions from one connector to the other with a simple dongle. Unlike DVI, however, HDMI also offers support for audio, which would allow purchasers of future Mac mini models to connect their machines to their televisions or home theater systems with a single HDMI cable, as the Apple TV does today.

The report’s sources claim that the Mac mini prototypes include NVIDIA’s MCP89 chipset, although a licensing dispute between Intel and NVIDIA over chipsets for Intel’s Nehalem platform suggests that Apple may have to continue using Intel Core 2 Duo processors in the next-generation Mac mini models if it is planning to use NVIDIA’s chipset. Alternatively, Apple may choose to utilize an Intel chipset that would allow it to take advantage of Nehalem processors.

As for Apple’s other Mac lines, the report claims that Apple has also prepared a mini DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter capable of carrying both video and audio. The adapter reportedly had been scheduled to ship with Apple’s most recent iMac revision alongside Blu-ray drives, but was scrapped as part of the decision to not include Blu-ray compatibility.

[via Macrumors]