iMovie 10.0.4 , update includes stability improvements

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Jul 022014

Apple has updated iMovie for Mac to version 10.o.4, but not many updates have been included in this version.

The new version includes improvements in stability and those who have been experiencing crashing issues will see that the problem has also been resolved. Continue reading »

iMovie and GarageBand for iPad announced, $4.99 on March 11th

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Mar 022011

In addition the the announcement of the iPad 2, Steve Jobs just unveiled iMovie for iPad, so all your tablet video editing dreams are about to come true. So what does this new version of iMovie have in store for you? A precision editor, multitrack audio recording, some brand new themes, AirPlay to Apple TV, and the ability to share videos in HD. It’ll be available on March 11th (the same day as the new iPad) for $4.99.

Apple’s also just outed GarageBand for iPad. The app will boast several touch instruments, guitar amps and effects, 8-track recording and mixing, over 250 loops, the ability to email your AAC files, and it’s compatible with the Mac version. GarageBane for iPad will also run you $4.99 when it’s released on March 11th.

[via engadget]

iMovie Running Great On iPhone 3GS

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Jun 292010

David Romhan Torres has succeeded in getting iMovie to run on his iPhone 3GS with little difficulties.

I just make iMovie for iphone 4 run on an iphone 3GS, it’s very simple just download the file, modify info.plist file and change the Minimum system version to 3.0.0 and UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities/front-facing-camera to false

iMovie For iPhone [Preview]

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Jun 142010

Apple had showcased the new iMovie app for iPhone during WWDC 2010 Keynote address. The application that will allow users to record and edit HD videos on iPhone 4, will be available on the App Store at a price of $4.99.

While the demo of the iPhone app was pretty impressive, the information available about Apple’s Movie App for iPhone is still quite sketchy resulting in several unanswered questions.

Folks at TidBITS claim that they’ve managed to uncover some of the details about the iPhone app from their source. They’ve revealed few interesting about Apple’s new iPhone application, which Apple engineers have worked on for more than 18 months.

The iMovie app will require iPhone 4 and shall not work on iPhone 3GS. This is because the application will require the new iPhone’s A4 processor to process the real-time transitions. Continue reading »