Apr 182014

Stefan Esser, a security researcher, has reported a serious malware called “Unfold Baby Panda” on jailbroken iOS devices that is sending Apple ID and password to to servers based in China. Continue reading »

Sep 192012

Cupertino’s newest hardware may have us purring, but Apple hasn’t left those of us with existing hardware out in the cold. iOS 6 should be appearing as an available update right now, or at least very shortly — depending on how taxed those servers get. It’ll be compatible with every iPhone since the 3GS, iPod touch 4G / 5G and this-and-last-year’s vintage of the iPad. Given the inexorable march of technology, some of the newer features won’t work on the older devices, but you can use our compatability checker to determine what new things you’ll be able to do in the next few hours. Continue reading »

Jan 302012

Apple’s iOS isn’t exactly a cutesy operating system. Steve Jobs and co set out to make the iPhone, iPod and iPad OS as usable as possible without adding unnecessary bells and whistles. In the main part they succeeded, but it’s hard to deny that there are a couple of areas where it could do with that personal touch – something to make the whole experience feel a little more like home.

Copic is one way of doing just that, although unfortunately you’ll need to have a jailbroken iOS device in order to take advantage of this little bundle of personality. Thankfully that is a whole lot easier to achieve now the new jailbreak tools have been released, and everyone can take advantage of all the joys that come with hacking an iOS device. Continue reading »

Oct 262011

Japanese users make extensive use of emoticons in their text messages and web pages. The use of these emoticons, called Emoji, is so prevalent that a standardized set of emoji icons are built into all the wireless handsets – including the iPhone.

Though Apple is known to have built the standard emoji keyboard into the iPhone since the firmware 2.0 update, this has not been made available to users outside Japan. So users outside Japan had to rely on hacks to use emoji icons on their iOS device.

However, with iOS 5, Apple finally allows users outside Japan to also use the Emoji keyboard. You can enable the Emoji by following these simple steps: Continue reading »