DollyCam App Stabilizes Your iPhone Video Recordings experience

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Aug 062011


DollyCam is an app for the iPhone and iPad that records videos then stabilizes them to remove camera shake.
DollyCam also corrects wobble caused by the camera’s rolling shutter. The resulting videos are much smoother than the original recordings and are more pleasant to watch.

When stabilizing a video black borders might appear. DollyCam solves this problem using two different techniques:
– Zooming: DollyCam chooses a suitable zoom level depending on how your device was moved during recording
– Extrapolation: DollyCam extrapolates each frame of the video to fill the black borders
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Time Warner Cable Goes to Court for iPad App

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Apr 082011

Time Warner Cable announced this afternoon it has filed a request in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York for a declaratory judgement regarding Viacom’s cable networks. Time Warner continues to maintain its carriage agreements give it the right to allow subscribers access on any screen in their home, not just the TV and is apparently ready to prove that in court — or at least drive Viacom, Discovery, Fox and other complaining networks towards more favorable negotiations. Continue reading »

VerbalVictor app gives a voice to disabled

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Dec 292010

With iTunes overrun with apps that do little more than find creative ways to promote products or otherwise suck time, it’s nice to see mobile technology doing something that’s, well, not so trivial. VerbalVictor, a $10 program, which should be available in the App Store next week, uses iPhone and iPad touch screens to allow people with disabilities to communicate with the outside world. Paul Pauca — whose son suffers from Pitt Hopkins Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes delays in cognitive development, motor skills, and verbal communication — developed the app as an affordable alternative to non-verbal communication devices. It touts functionality similar to the device used by Steven Hawking, but is far more accessible than the professor’s $8,200 setup. VerbalVictor allows parents and caregivers to take pictures and record accompanying audio; the entries are then turned into buttons, which the user presses when they want to communicate — sort of like a very advanced and customizable See N’ Say. The device can be used for simple expressions, like an image of a dog that speaks “dog” when pressed, or for recording commonly used phrases and complete sentences. It may never reach the popularity of, say iFart, but it’s sure to win some dedicated users.

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Dish Network brings live TV and scheduling to iPad

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Dec 022010

See, that wasn’t so bad, now was it? If you’re befuddled, we’re simply referring to the week that iPad owners have had to listen to their Android-lovin’ brethren gloat about having Dish Network’s Remote Access app. As of today, that same piece of software is available in the App Store, enabling iPad owners to watch live and recorded programs so long as they’ve a broadband-connected, Sling-enabled device like the Sling Adapter. It’ll also allow iPad owners to browse and search up to nine days of programming, schedule DVR recordings, manage conflicts, delete shows on multiple receivers, and use their tablet as a fully functional remote, but much to our dismay, it doesn’t have the power to make Heroes a show worth watching again.

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SlingPlayer Mobile app is now available for the iPad [video]

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Nov 242010

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad was looking pretty slick when we saw a preview a couple weeks ago, and now, just like that, it’s arrived at the App Store. Folks who already invested in the iPhone app might be a bit disappointed to find they need to fork out another $30 for the iPad version — although they can keep using the iPhone app in “Compatibility Mode” if they’d like — but Sling is touting new video quality levels for the iPad, that your iPhone can only dream of, to sweeten the deal. There’s also a new program guide UI and other iPad-friendly tweaks. Check out that video preview after the break to learn more, or just hit up your local App Store and start downloading (it’s rolling out in typical App Store fashion, which means it might take a few minutes to pop up in your particular iTunes). Continue reading »

Apple Remote app 2.0 for iPhone and iPad, Adds support for new Apple TV

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Sep 282010

No surprises here, but Apple’s just released version 2.0 of the Remote app for iPhone and iPad, which adds in support for the new iOS-based Apple TV in addition to iTunes on OS X. The interface is mostly the same — a trackpad-like screen for ATV remote control and an iPod-like interface for more direct media playback — but it’s now optimized for the Retina display on the iPhone 4 and the larger screen size of the iPad. Since the new Apple TV is streaming-only, Remote also now has better support for controlling shared music libraries, making remote control of iTunes on your HTPC slightly easier as well. It’s available now and it’s free, so go grab it.

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PlayOn update brings iPad compatibility, streams over 3G and WiFi

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Sep 152010

Tired of using PlayOn’s web app to enjoy content on your iPod touch and iPhone? Tired of being left out altogether if you’re on aniPad? Fret not, dear content consumers — PlayOn has today released a highly anticipated update to its own software that adds iPad compatibility, enabling users to stream material from Hulu, Netflix, Comedy Central, ABC, CBS, MTV and ESPN3 (among others) over WiFi and 3G. Unfortunately, those of you in that first camp will have to remain there until Apple gets its approval act in order, but at least those who splurged on a tablet can now make better use of it thanks to Safari and HTML5.

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