How to Save Your SHSH of Your Current Firmware Using [iFaith]

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Jun 022011

These are instructions on how to dump the SHSH blobs of your current firmware even if Apple is not signing.

For instance, you can dump the SHSH of the current firmware on your device, so long as the device is susceptible to the Limera1n jailbreak (Everything but the iPad 2) Apple does not have to be signing the SHSH in order for you to dump the blob.

*Note the iPod Touch 2G and iPhone 3G will not work since they will always be jailbreakable. The iPad 2 will not work because it is not susceptible to Limera1n. A jailbreak is not needed for this.
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iPad 2 Has Been Jailbroken

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Mar 132011

You knew this was coming — it was only a matter of time — and here it is, Apple’s latest creation sans the iOS 4.3 chains. The development community credits @comex with installing Cydia on this white iPad 2, and he’s apparently already hard at work on a public jailbreak. According to his Twitter feed, the hack required a brand new exploit, as previous bugs were squashed in iOS 4.3. We’ll keep you posted on when the hack’s ready for you to use, too.

Jailbreakers And Unlockers Should Avoid Upgrading To iOS 4.3 For Now

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Mar 072011

We reported yesterday that iOS 4.3 GM has already been jailbroken using PwnageTool 4.2, unofficial custom bundles, Universal Ramdisk Fixes and tetheredboot utility.

BigBoss has just warned users who want to jailbreak and unlock their iPhone to avoid upgrading to iOS 4.3 until the official jailbreaking tools are released. Continue reading »

Verizon iPhone 4 (iOS 4.2.6) jailbreak now available for Mac and Windows, using greenpois0n

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Feb 072011

Aw, suki suki now! Merely hours after the first Verizon iPhone 4 units began to land in the hands of mere mortals, out pops two download links that you’ll most certainly want to give a little consideration to. Chronic Dev Team has just pushed out greenpois0n RC5.4 for Mac and Windows machines, enabling those with iOS 4.2.6 devices to uncage their phone and mate it with Cydia. Hit the links below to get started (including a tutorial over at Quickpwn), but make sure you consider all possible outcomes before doing the deed. Will your life be forever altered for the worse? Will your Verizon iPhone suddenly have less coverage than your old AT&T iPhone? Will you find the always-elusive “true happiness?” Let us know how fate treats you in comments below.

greenpoison (OS X), (Windows)


[via engadget]

How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 Using Greenpois0n (Mac) [4.2.1]

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Feb 042011

These are instructions on how to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 using Greenpois0n for Mac. Greenpois0n has been updated to support the iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2.1 firmware. Use Limera1n if you want to jailbreak iOS 4.0, iOS 4.0.1, iOS 4.0.2.

Remember: Greenpois0n recommends a clean restore before continuing. Do not update to iOS 4.1 or iOS 4.2.1 if you need the unlock. Ultrasn0w does not support that baseband yet. The only exception is the iPhone 4. You can update to iOS 4.2.1 without upgrading your baseband by using TinyUmbrella. Start TSS Server->Start iTunes->Plug in your iPhone->Restore 4.2.1->Error 1013->Put phone into DFU Mode->Launch Greenpois0n. We will post more detailed instructions shortly.

Step One
Open your web browser of choice and navigate to Click the Mac link at the bottom of the screen.

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Jun 082010

Want to get your hands on an iOS 4-equipped device now without being a registered Apple developer? As a number of readers have pointed out, it seems yesterday’s gold build release works on any applicable iPhone / iPod touch whether or not its UDID has been sent to the dev center. Now that the previous restraint has been lifted, the only requirement now is a copy of iTunes 9.2 — currently for Macs only and still blocked by the developer gate, but once you manage to obtain the appropriate files, the only thing in your path is time itself. Sure enough, we just got through installing the build on an unregistered iPhone without a hitch. Details available via Gumball Tech, and please, don’t forget to back up your data ahead of time. Continue reading »

May 092010

If you have been using your iPad on a desk with the official iPad Keyboard Dock accessory, you might have felt the need of having a mouse to control iPad’s screen. This is because it is more convenient to use a pointing device for interacting with a device when it is placed in a standing position on a desk, just like how we do with our desktop monitors, notebooks/netbooks and so on.

Use iPad with Magic Mouse

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Hooking iPad To An External Hard Drive

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May 082010

Looks like that iPad Camera Connection Kit isn’t as overpriced as we thought; not only does it have USB headset and keyboard support, but one enterprising user has hooked up an external hard drive using the dongle as well. Max Shay has an exhaustive walkthrough at his personal website, but the gist of the matter is that you’ll need a jailbroken iPad, a split-USB cable to give that drive some extra juice, and a terminal of some sort (Max used his MacBook) to trick the iPad into mounting your external storage, after you use SSH to tunnel through. The result is an unwieldy wired assembly we wouldn’t be caught dead with in public, but perhaps useful in a pinch — or as the latest proof of what the iPad could do if only Apple would let it. Video after the break.