KIRFy iPad adapter adds HDMI output

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Oct 162010

You know that iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter that you wasted money on? Yeah, turns out there’s probably a superior alternative available in the wilds of China… well, aside from the fact that it probably lacks an internal authentication chip needed to play back most protected content. Noosy’s iPad HDMI output adapter is fairly simple in design — it plugs into the 30-pin Dock Connector that’s on modern iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, and then allows 720p content to flow directly over HDMI. We’re guessing there’s just a VGA-to-HDMI converter wrapped inside a familiar package, but we definitely like where this is headed. There’s nary a word on how much this will cost you (or what street corner you need to visit in order to find one), but here’s hoping the engineers in Cupertino are paying attention to what consumers are really after.

iPhone 4 KIRF reviewed, can its ‘WVGA screen village’ compare? (video)

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Aug 112010

From the outside of its white box, labeled “Phone no. 4,” it’s clear to see that the Air Phone 4 is trying awfully hard to be an iPhone 4. But then we already knew that. How does it compare to the real thing in the real world? Not well, according to intrepid reviewer Stuart Ashen. The external metal surface (which you might be familiar with) is here actually plastic, so you don’t have to worry about dropped calls if you fondle it the wrong way, but the phone is said to have awful signal regardless — despite showing full bars even when missing a SIM. Ashen concludes the thing is an “astonishing bit of copycat work” held back by “the worst touchscreen ever.” (Yeah, it’s resistive.) Oh, and that Facetime app we spotted before? It “doesn’t seem to work properly,” about the kindest thing that can be said about this junker. If you’d like to see the full (and thoroughly entertaining) review, it’s embedded for you right after the break.

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