Windows phone Vs iPhone 4s [voice command]

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Nov 262011

Microsoft’s Craig Mundie shoved his foot knee deep in his mouth this week when he said that Siri was nothing special, and Microsoft’s own voice capabilities have been around for over a year.  The reason for Siri’s success?  Marketing, of course.

People are infatuated with Apple announcing it. It’s good marketing, but at least as the technological capability you could argue that Microsoft has had a similar capability in Windows Phones for more than a year, since Windows Phone 7 was introduced.

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Oct 042011

It’s not an iPhone mini or anything, but it’s the first iPhone with Siri. And that has to count for something, right? Right? While it’s no iPhone 5 (not even close, really), the iPhone 4S is far from being “last year’s iPhone,” and the greatly enhanced camera, bolstered A5 dual-core processor and inbuilt voice command should provide plenty of reason for folks to upgrade if they’re near the end of their contract. Furthermore, having the option on Sprint — despite Apple almost announcing it as an afterthought — is bound to make folks already entrenched on the Now Network think twice about what their next phone will come upgrade time. Continue reading »

The New iPhone 4S

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Oct 042011

You can finally lay all that speculation to rest because here it is! Apple’s set its latest iPhone family member free, and out into the wireless wild for your future consumption. Pictured above is the new dual-core A5 processor-equipped, dual CDMA / GSM iPhone 4S — awash in Siri-enabled voice control. You can snag this black or white update on October 14th in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB configurations for $199, $299 and $399, respectively. Click through the gallery below to get intimate with Cupertino’s latest smartphone refresh.

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Apple Lowers iPhone prices: 8GB 3GS free, iPhone 4 now $99

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Oct 042011

No big surprises here, but the iPhone 4S’ older siblings are getting drastic price reductions. An 8GB 3GS is now free on contract, while the iPhone 4 is now only $99 with a carrier agreement — that one bill gets you an 8GB iPhone 4. We’ve received no indication of cuts for other flavors of the old guard, but we suppose congratulations are in order for bargain hunters with limited iTunes libraries.

Update: According to the Apple Store, the iPhone 4 is also “coming soon” to Sprint.

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Sprint Reportedly Goes All-In For iPhone Deal; To Exclusively Get Redesigned iPhone 5

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Oct 032011

Wall Street Journal reports that Sprint has agreed to buy 30.5 million iPhones over the next four years from Apple for an average price of $655, which works out to $20 billion.

We’ve heard rumors that have claimed that Sprint – the third largest carrier in the US, will be offering Apple’s fifth generation iPhone, alongside with AT&T and Verizon. Sprint’s recent moves also seem to suggest that Sprint has been gearing up for the iPhone launch.

With less than 24 hours to go for Apple’s much awaited Let’s Talk iPhone event, Wall Street Journal has just dropped a bombshell.

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