Seventh Generation iPod nano? With 1.3 megapixel camera

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May 102011

Is this Apple’s next iPod nano? It is if you believe the folks from Taiwan’s website who, as you may recall, also recently got their hands on a purported next-gen iPod nano chassis that seems to match the complete device pictured above. As you can see, the big change here is the addition of a built-in camera that’s said to be 1.3 megapixels, which appears to have also shoved the clip out of the way, although there does seem to be a faint outline where one could be. Of course, the key word here is purported — to its credit, some of the site’s leaks have indeed panned out in the past, but we’d still recommend taking this one with a grain of salt for the time being.

[via engadget]

Next iPod nano to have camera?

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Apr 022011

The fifth-generation iPod nano packed video recording, a widescreen display, and video playback. Apple decided to drop these key features in favor of a smaller-form factor, a Multi-Touch display, an iOS-like user interface, and a belt clip for the current, sixth generation model. Now, according to a purported seventh generation iPod nano part from, Apple may be putting the camera back into their popular music player while still keeping the current model’s size and display. Continue reading »

Improved iPod Nano Watch Band

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Nov 052010

The first iPod Nano watch, designed for Apple’s new watch-sized iPod Nano, was basically just a nylon strap. Pretty unimaginative. These new funky-color silicone bands from Hex actually make Apple’s diminutive iPod look like a not-entirely-ridiculous timepiece.

The $24.95 Hex band has a pop-in design which incorporates the Nano into the watch (as opposed to just sticking it on a band, like the first one did). It has integrated control buttons and comes in 9 colors.

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iPod nano (2010) first hands-on! (update: Video!)

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Sep 012010

Here it is, the new (and completely redesigned) iPod nano. Super thin, super light, and really, the capacitive multitouch works very well. The screen is crisp and top menu navigation is smooth, but can’t say we have great feel for moving back out of sub menus (via swipe or holding down the screen). We’re going back for seconds and thirds, peep the initial gallery below! Continue reading »

Next-generation iPod touch and nano accessories and rumors continue to surface

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Aug 302010

We’re but a few days away from Apple’s music-related “special event,” and naturally the bloody rumors are being tossed into the water, frothing up into quite a feeding frenzy. Last week came talk of new iPod touch and nano models, and now we have even more cases and accessories that seem to back up the belief that there’s a fourth-generation touch and a sixth-generation nano coming. The nano is rumored to have a 3 x 3cm touchscreen (presumably this one) and room on the bottom for a proper dock connector, ensuring compatibility with the millions of iPod cradles and whatnot out there. The new cases we’re seeing certainly back up that idea, with a dock-sized cut-out along with room for what’s said to be a headphone jack, volume controls, a hold button, and a clip ’round the back. At the moment we know rather less about the new touch, but we can hazard a guess as to what it’ll look like.

[via engadget]