PhoneItiPad Now Available In Cydia Store

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Jun 152011

Well today we’re happy to announce iPhoneIslam has released PhoneIt-Pad which will turn your ipad 3g into a fully working iphone. Sooo who’s going to be the first to hold up their huge phone up to their face in public? Don’t forget to take a picture and send it in for us to see.

PhoneItiPad is a little steep on the price selling for $19.99 but if you really do plan on using your ipad as a jumbo sized iphone then it should be a nice investment.

Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1: Locate your ICCID, which you should be able to find under System > General > About. This is your unique mobile identifier, which you’ll later need to set up PhoneItiPad.

Step 2: Purchase PhoneItiPad by clicking on this link (you can do this from computer). Insert your ICCID when requested.

Step 3: Fire up Cydia and add the following repository: Then locate the “PhoneItiPad” and install it.

Step 4: From here, the tweak should work directly, and you should be able to make calls and send SMS messages, as showcased on the original video released by iPhoneIslam.

You should think twice before giving out your unique ICCID to a third-party, but that seems to be a requirement to be able to make calls on the iPad. If the video above is to be believed, this hack works very effectively and is well worth the $19.99.

Make Calls And Send SMS With Your iPad Using PhoneItiPad

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May 292011

Folks at iPhoneIslam Team claim that they have managed to hack iPad 3G to enable full phone and SMS functionality like the iPhone.

iPhoneIslam Team has previously released jailbreak tweaks like FaceIt-3GS that brought FaceTime – Apple’s video calling feature to iPhone 3GS.

iPhoneIslam Team has provided the following details about PhoneItiPad, which will turn the iPad 3G into an iPhone: Continue reading »