Jul 012014

Apple will be updating the back-lit in-store photo panels in it’s Apple Stores according to IFO Apple Store. The signature white-background product shots will be replaced with shots inspired by their recent ads. Continue reading »

Jun 132014

Apple has opened its first Apple Store since 2005 in Omotesando, Tokyo. Apple published a video giving us a behind the scenes look of the preparations, we posted the video here yesterday. Continue reading »

May 022014

A new app called Vhoto runs through your videos and finds special moments to turn into still photos. You don’t have to worry about hitting the button at a precise moment to take photos of flips or jumps anymore. Continue reading »

May 012014

KCBS news and traffic reporter Ron Cervi took some aerial photos of Apple’s Campus 2 construction progress.

You can see in the images bellow the outlines where Apple is planning to build its circular spaceship campus. The new building will be an all-glass structure designed by Norman Foster and will occupy 2.8 million square feet and accommodate 2,400 cars in an underground parking garage. Continue reading »

Apr 152014

Nowhereelse.fr has posted newly leaked photos of the supposed iPhone 6 batteries on a production tray. The batteries in the photo look very similar to the current iPhone batteries. Continue reading »

Apr 152014

There has been a lot of iPhone 6 leaks this month, just yesterday we posted some alleged photos of the iPhone 6 manufacturing mold. A French website iPhone.fr has now posted new photos that appear to be the front panel of a larger Phone 6 being held next to an iPhone 5s. Continue reading »

Apr 082014

Apple Toolbox took aerial photos of Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus a month ago and there were still a few old building left standing, but the new aerial photos of the site appear to show that the demolition is now complete. The photos also show a few construction vehicles preparing the ground for construction.

See aerial photos bellow: Continue reading »

Apr 072014

During the Apple vs Samsung trial we are given a peek of Samsung internal documents. One slide shows that Samsung’s number one priority in 2012 was “beating Apple”. The slide,  from a Samsung business forecast from 2011, state that Apple was an “extremely real and urgent threat”. Continue reading »

Apr 022014

iPhone Turka has posted some photos from inside and outside the first Apple store in Istanbul, Turkey. The store will open its doors at 10 AM  on April 5th in the Zorlu Center.

The images show the new store looks very similar in design to Apple’s 5th Avenue outlet in New York City, but  the interior is not much different from any other Apple Store.  Take a look at the photos bellow! Continue reading »

Mar 312014

Weibo has posted some photos that supposedly show an iPhone 6 testing at Foxconn, but the credibility of the images cannot be confirmed. The iPhone 6 shown in the images has a protruding camera, rounded edges and looks much thinner than the current iPhone 5s. Continue reading »