Next-generation iPhone casing gets handled, compared to predecessor (video)

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Jun 072012

That purported new iPhone backing has decided to show off its taller, slimmer, self again — this time in a full 360-degree video from parts reseller, ETradeSupply. It doesn’t reveal much more than what we got to see in those initial photos: a relocated headphone socket, two-tone surface and a much smaller dock connector. Continue reading »

Download Android for iPhone 3G

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May 212010

Android port for iPhone 3G is now finally available for download. You can do pretty much everything that you would expect a normal Android phone to do but it is still not recommended for day-to-day regular use. The power management functions of Android for iPhone 3G are yet to be implemented so your phone will only last for an hour or so of Android use before the battery runs out. Yes, it is good only for showing off to your friends that you have Android running on iPhone 3G.

Android on iPhone 3G

Similar to the Android port for iPhone 2G, you will have both iPhone OS and Android on your device in dual boot setup. Installation instructions are mostly similar to the iPhone 2G one. You will need a jailbroken iPhone to get this to work.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can follow the instructions posted here, or the more detailed ones posted by the dev/hacker himself at the PCWorld site here to get it up and running on your iPhone 3G.

With Android port for iPhone 3G now completed, we can expect a port for iPod touch soon, followed by one for iPhone 3GS and maybe iPad too. [via Linux on the iPhone]

iPhone 3G Shown Running Android [video]

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May 072010

iPhone 3G Shown Running Android

After hacking the first-gen iPhone to run Android,David Wang has uploaded a video proving he can do the same magic trick with the iPhone 3G. What’s the bet he’ll try his hand on the iPhone 3GS next?

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Here’s how to install Android on your iPhone 2G

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Apr 252010

Last week, planetbeing claimed he’d ported Android to the iPhone. This week, Android A Lot says you can, too. If you’ve got an original iPhone 2G handy, there’s now a 68-step guide that can walk you through the entire process. In a nutshell, you’ll use iPhone Explorer to copy over the Android files, then turn your Mac or PC into an Ubuntu virtual machine to install the OpeniBoot software. When you’re done, you’ll probably have a dual-booting iPhone that can swap between iPhone OS and an experimental version of Android 1.6 at startup, but don’t quote us on that — we haven’t had a chance to test the unholy matrimony for ourselves. We’re going to try to give this a shot next week, and we’ll report back from the other side… if there is another side. Blurry video walkthrough after the break, useful step-by-step text at our source link.

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