Sep 202012

Apple patent application has iPhones text when calls don't reach spotty coverage areas

If you’re already using Android 4.0 or iOS 6, you’re likely familiar with the option to send a pre-made text reply to incoming calls you can’t take. Continue reading »

Aug 312010

An executive with Mexican carrier Telcel has suggested that Apple plans to release a revised iPhone 4 with a tweaked antenna design after the company’s free case giveaway expires at the end of September.

Marco Quatorze, director of value added services at Telcel, said that his country will initially receive the same iPhone 4 model that was released in the U.S. and resulted in the “antennagate” controversy. But, in comments he made last week, and discovered by MacRumors, he claimed that revised hardware with an improved antenna design will become available after Sept. 30, when Apple’s iPhone 4 Case Program expires. Continue reading »

Jul 172010

It’s not surprising that after Apple finished explaining the iPhone 4 antenna issues to the press today, the company wanted to go one step further and say “yes, actually, we do test the hell out of these phones before we release them to the public.” Though Steve Jobs went over the lengthy and intensive kinds of radio evaluation that goes on at Apple’s headquarters, it didn’t seem to be enough for the folks in Cupertino. And that, we suspect, is why we were invited (along with a small group of other journalists) to take a brief tour of Apple’s Infinite Loop labs. Though we weren’t allowed to shoot video or take pictures, we can tell you about what we did — and what we didn’t — see and hear behind closed doors. Continue reading »

Jul 152010
Well it’s not the full 4.1 we were expecting… but here’s a little tidbit from Apple. One of the main features? The update “improves the formula to determine how many bars of signal strength to display.” Interesting. We’re updating some devices right now, and will report back with what we find. Continue reading »
Jun 302010

Folks at MacRumors have published an interesting fix to the signal reception issue that has plagued the new iPhone 4 since launch.

According to a message posted by one of their forum members, the reception issue could be potentially fixed by merely taking the SIM card out of the tray, re-seating it and then reinserting it.

The iPhone user, who posts under the handle jav6454, writes:

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