Apple TV Concept With Touchscreen Remote [Photos]

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Mar 192014

This beautiful ‘Apple TV touch’ concept created by CURVED/labs features a touchscreen remote. The main attraction is the revamped remote control, redesigned as a touch device that might be wirelessly rechargeable via Apple TV. iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c are still functioning as remote controls, a separate App Store for Apple TV should be available. With 9,8 x 9,8 cm, it comes in the same size as the 2-year-old 3rd generation, but will be thinner with 1,67 cm. Models to be available in grey, gold and silver. Continue reading »

Comcast Xfinity remote app for iPhone & iPad [video]

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Nov 152010

The Xfinity remote app Comcast CEO Brian Roberts showed off earlier this year is now available in the app store for the iPad and iPhone. Currently they allow Comcast customers with compatible digital TV service to browse listings and On Demand content from their portable device and change channels right from the app. Video streaming, additional remote features and enhanced search are all promised for future releases, while other platforms should also get their own versions soon. Android apps are promised for later this year, with Blackberry to follow. For now, check out the press release and original demo video embedded after the break or grab the app from iTunes and break out your Comcast e-mail address to try it out prior to a live demo at 8:30 (EST) this evening at the Web 2.0 conference. It may not be the improved interface for our cable boxes we’ve been expecting for such a long time, but it’s at least a step in that direction. Continue reading »

Apple Remote app 2.0 for iPhone and iPad, Adds support for new Apple TV

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Sep 282010

No surprises here, but Apple’s just released version 2.0 of the Remote app for iPhone and iPad, which adds in support for the new iOS-based Apple TV in addition to iTunes on OS X. The interface is mostly the same — a trackpad-like screen for ATV remote control and an iPod-like interface for more direct media playback — but it’s now optimized for the Retina display on the iPhone 4 and the larger screen size of the iPad. Since the new Apple TV is streaming-only, Remote also now has better support for controlling shared music libraries, making remote control of iTunes on your HTPC slightly easier as well. It’s available now and it’s free, so go grab it.

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i-Got-Control IRB1 dongle gives your iPhone / iPod touch universal remote functionality

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Mar 192010


No need to spot clean your spectacles, and no need to brush the cobwebs out of your dome — you really are seeing yet another IR dongle for Apple’s dear iLineup. Hot on the heels of New Potato’s FLPR, ThinkFlood’s RedEye mini and Power A’s solution comes this: an all-too-similar way to convert your iPod touch, iPhone or forthcoming iPad into a universal remote. Functionality wise, there’s really nothing here that the other guys don’t provide, though the beefed-up database of over 40,000 IR codes should make setting up your system a breeze. Users simply plug this into their dock connector, download the free application from the App Store and then dial up whatever components they have; once loaded, the IR beamer should do the rest, nixing the need to keep those 40 remotes around. It’s expected to start shipping any day now for $69.95.
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Potato’s FLPR IR dongle gives your iPhone home automation capabilities

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Mar 042010


It’s hard to say why we’ve seen a glut of these adapters hit all within the same week, but hey, the more the merrier! North Carolina’s own New Potato Technologies (yes, we’re serious) has followed up on ThinkFlood and Power A’s efforts by introducing an Infrared iPhone / iPod touch dongle of its own. The difference? This one connects to the dock connector, and when used with the accompanying app, it can control lights, stereo systems, home cinemas and pretty much anything that allows dictation via IR. The best part just might be said app, as it allows users to search a database of over 14,000 device codes and just add the products they already own, which means that you’ll probably only be stuck programming that LaserDisc player you refuse to give up. It’ll start shipping today from the company’s own website for $79.99, or you can consult the middleman (read: Best Buy) on starting on March 28th.

flpr-iphone-remote2[via engadget]