Apple could use ‘iTV’ for HDTV programming partner

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Feb 062012

Apple’s rumored HDTV might be called the iTV, according to a new report from Bloomberg citing Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek. In a note to clients this morning, Misek also claimed Apple might buy licenses for programming through possible partnerships with Verizon and AT&T and could “leverage content into a YouTube-like model” by taking advantage of user created video from iPhone and iPad users. Continue reading »

iPhone 4S Vs. Canon 5D Mark II: Side-By-Side Video Comparison

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Oct 182011

Apple’s new iPhone 4S comes with a vastly improved 8-megapixel camera that is getting rave reviews.

So if you want to figure out iPhone 4S’ video capabilities, checkout the video posted by Robino films that compares the iPhone 4S video and the Canon 5D Mark II, which costs more than  $2000.

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iPhone 4 Takes Photos With Fish Eye Lens Olloclip [video]

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Jul 142011

The age of lugging around a pricey DSLR kit just to capture casual fisheye, wide-angle and macro photos may be nearing its end — for some of us, at least. Designed by a startup duo in California, the Olloclip was the first project featured in our Insert Coin series, and we were thrilled to learn not only that it was successfully funded, but that the device is ready to ship to both early supporters and new customers just two months later. The accessory brings the functionality of all three lenses to the iPhone 4, and it does so well enough to warrant leaving your pro kit at home on occasion — assuming, of course, that your photographs aren’t responsible for putting food on the table.

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G-Form Extreme Sleeve Protects iPad From Getting Run Over By Car

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May 142011

Amazingly the G-Form Extreme Sleeve protects an iPad as it gets run over by both the front and back wheels of a car.

If you need a case to carry your iPad during your daily activity I totally recommend this one.

MobileSyrup performed the daring test as part of its review. You can watch the video below..

Review for New Apple TV (2010)

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Sep 292010

You’ve been waiting, and it’s finally here: the Apple TV review. Months before Steve Jobs announced the new set top box at Apple’s annual fall event, we had been reporting on news that the company would strike out again into the TV market, offering a small, low-cost box that had more in common with the iPhone than the iMac. When those rumors came to fruition, we were presented with the completely revamped Apple TV — a tiny black puck of a device priced at a staggering $99, and centered around a handful of completely new ideas (for the folks in Cupertino at least) about getting content onto your TV screen. The first is a new rental system which allows you to nab brand new TV shows at $0.99 a rental, and HD movies for $4.99 a go (or $3.99 for older titles). And that includes new releases the same day DVDs hit shelves (or Netflix distribution centers). Speaking of Netflix, the new Apple TV also features the rental service’s “Watch Instantly” as a wholly integrated component of its offerings, alongside a new function the company calls AirPlay which will allow you to “push” video and audio content from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with the tap of a button. On top of that, the new ATV streamlines sharing from your home computers or laptops, making getting content you own onto your TV dead simple. So, has Apple finally solved the “second box” problem, or are they still struggling to turn this hobby into a real business? Follow along after the break for those answers (and more) in our full review of the Apple TV! Continue reading »

iPhone 4 KIRF reviewed, can its ‘WVGA screen village’ compare? (video)

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Aug 112010

From the outside of its white box, labeled “Phone no. 4,” it’s clear to see that the Air Phone 4 is trying awfully hard to be an iPhone 4. But then we already knew that. How does it compare to the real thing in the real world? Not well, according to intrepid reviewer Stuart Ashen. The external metal surface (which you might be familiar with) is here actually plastic, so you don’t have to worry about dropped calls if you fondle it the wrong way, but the phone is said to have awful signal regardless — despite showing full bars even when missing a SIM. Ashen concludes the thing is an “astonishing bit of copycat work” held back by “the worst touchscreen ever.” (Yeah, it’s resistive.) Oh, and that Facetime app we spotted before? It “doesn’t seem to work properly,” about the kindest thing that can be said about this junker. If you’d like to see the full (and thoroughly entertaining) review, it’s embedded for you right after the break.

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