Apple adds Rotten Tomatoes reviews to iTunes Movie Trailers app

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Mar 262014

Movie Trailers app is available for the iPhone and iPad and lets you watch new and exclusive HD movie previews  and now Apple has updated the app to version 1.4 and includes support for notifications and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes

The app was released in 2011 and Apple has been making improvements . The addition of Rotten Tomatoes reviews is a major improvement that lets users check movie reviews from the best critics. The new update also  includes  support for notifications that allows you to add a movie to a favorites list and be alerted when it arrives in theaters or debuts in iTunes. Continue reading »

StockTouch is among one of the best apps for monitoring your investment

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Mar 032012

StockTouch is a powerful new way to monitor and understand the stock market for casual and professional investors.

Theiphonenerd team had a chance to try out the app and give our opinion. The app has a very clean interface and easy to follow on the screen and very informative, usually when you hear about stock market the first thing that comes in mind is a bunch of numbers and symbols and some other things. Stocktouch managed to give you simplicity and professionalism  you expect to monitor your stock. I enjoyed how they are categorized and how simple it is to save to your  favorites, as you save to  your stock as favorite they pop out on the main screen, saving you the trouble to look through them all.  So the bottom line is this app will please both casual and professional investors. Continue reading »

Jul 092010

After watching this video, i’m beginning to think that my iphone 4 bumper purchase wasn’t much of deal breaker. If you listen closely you can hear the iphone  hitting the ground directly on the glass. I figured that the rubber edges wouldn’t allow the actual iphone to hit the ground but I was wrong. Obviously your not going to go out and drop your iphone on concrete 4 times in a row but even that one accidental drop might do the job and break your iphone, bumper on or not.

Jul 052010

Tests taken across a small (24-person) sample group suggest reading eBooks remains slower than reading paper, with the iPad being faster to read than a Kindle device.

Jakob Nielsen of the Nielsen Norman Group set out to determine reading speed differences between the different platforms (book, ebook, iPad etc).
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iPhone 4 Reviews: The Best Smartphone on the Market!

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Jun 222010

First of iPhone 4 reviews are now popping up on the Internet. From Wall Street Journal, to USA Today, to New York Times, to Engadget, all have great things to say about this new product. One thing which most of them have agreed upon is the fact that this is the smartphone to beat !!

iPhone 4 Review (2) Image via Engadget

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iPad Reviewers Call It “One Of The Best Computers Ever”

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Apr 012010

embargo on publications seeded with pre-release units of the iPad ended yesterday and we are now getting to hear early reviews from these publications.

Most of the reviews have been positive about the iPad experience though many have also noted the absence of features such as multi-tasking and Adobe Flash.

According to David Pogue from the New York Times, the iPad is likely to find greater appeal among the non-techie regular users while the more tech-savvy audience may find more value from a laptop. Pogue opines that while the iPad may not be the best platform for “creating stuff”, it makes content consumption “infinitely” easier. Pogue claims that the iPad exceeded advertised battery life by playing videos for over 12 hours in his test.

Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal concurs with Pogue on the iPad’s excellent battery life. Mossberg claims that the tablet device is a “pleasure to use” and had the “potential to change portable computing profoundly” besides propeling the popularity of finger driven multitouch UI ahead of the prevailing mouse driven interfaces. However, Mossberg concedes that the iPad may not be entirely suitable while working on documents. For instance, the iPad’s Pages application exports only to Word and does not accurately render it all the time. Continue reading »