Mar 202014

China Mobile announced that it sold 1.34M 4G handsets in February and that “most of them” were iPhones. China Mobile chairman Xi Guohua was relatively non-committal on the numbers.

It’s just been getting started for one or two months. So far it’s hard to tell how that will affect our business […]

We are happy with the progress as we are still building our 4G network and the coverage is only available in some major cities. Continue reading »

Sep 242012

Apple just posted a press release announcing debut iPhone 5 sales topped 5 million units sold since going on sale on Friday and pre-order Sept. 14. The Cupertino-based company also announced 100 million iOS devices are now running iOS 6. Continue reading »

Mar 202012

Earlier today, Tim Cook revealed that sales of the third installment of his company’s iPad tablet were the fastest to date, although refused to disclose exactly how many of the Retina-toting devices had been sold.

By means of a press release, though, the Cupertino has posted sales figures of three million – not bad – especially considering it’s only been retailing for four days. Continue reading »

Nov 112011
Dec 292010

Uh oh. Since its debut, the iPad has been variously hailed as the final nail in the coffin of all physical media and the savior of the magazine and newspaper industries. A few magazines, such as Wired, had truly impressive digital launches, with over 100,000 downloads of its first issue in June. It doesn’t seem, however, that the stellar start was in any way sustainable. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, which collects magazine circulation data from companies willing to furnish numbers, all iPad magazines have seen fall offs in downloads over the past few months. Wired was averaging 31,000 downloads from July through September, had 22,000 and 23,000 respectively in October and November. Other magazines have seen similar declines: Vanity Fair sold 8,700 downloads of its November issue, down from an average of about 10,500 from August through October; GQ sold 11,0000 copies, its worst showing yet. Now, not all magazines release their numbers, of course — including The New Yorker, People, and Esquire — but the numbers we do have seem to be indicating a trend of general decline after a short burst of excitement.

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Oct 142010

Apple might be billing its next big event as “Back to the Mac,” but don’t let that fool you into thinking its computer platform has been waning. Quite to the contrary, according to IDC, which reports the Cupertino team has grabbed third spot in the US PC sales charts with a 10.6 percent market share, bumping the incumbent Acer into fourth. Two million Mac shipments during the period represented an increase of 24.1 percent relative to last year, while the overall PC market turned in a somewhat morose 3.8 percent growth. Gartner’s also unleashed its numbers unto the world today, giving Acer the lead for third by the slimmest of margins, but both stat teams agree that the Taiwanese vendor has suffered a bad year along with Dell, which has also experienced some shrinkage. Toshiba’s the only major Windows machine seller to see its fortunes improve with double-digit growth, while HP seems to be hanging on to the top spot nice and steadily. Hit the source links for worldwide numbers.

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Oct 052010

When the iPad finally dropped in April it was greeted with the expected fanfare, but opinions were rather divided about whether the thing would be a long-term success — even amongst we humble writers. Six months on there can be no doubt, with the tablet selling 4.5 million units in its first quarter of availability according to CNBC. The truly magical iPhone? That managed a (relatively) paltry one million units in the same timeframe after launch, while the now ubiquitous DVD player pushed just 350,000 in its three four months of availability. You know what that means: it’s time for analysts to start breaking out the hyperboles — again. Colin McGranahan from Bernstein Research says “the iPad is a runaway success of unprecedented proportion,” meanwhile Pete Najarian from calls it a “total media device” and concludes “there’s not much a PC can do that you can’t do on an iPad.” That last bit is certainly debatable, and you know exactly where you can debate it. Just keep it respectful, yeah?

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May 202010

So there’s no question that Apple is selling a ton of iPads, but would you have guessed that it’s actually selling more iPads than all Mac sales combined? That’s the case, at least at the moment, according to RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky, who says that Apple is currently moving about 200,000 iPads per week, compared to 110,000 Macs — though it still trails the iPhone, which is apparently racking up sales of 246,000 per week. Of course, we are just talking about analyst estimates here, and things could potentially swing back into the Mac’s favor once the quarterly totals are added up. If true, however, it’d sure be a whopper of a milestone — one that we’d no doubt be hearing plenty more about in, say, three weeks time.

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