AT&T raises iPhone tier on October 4th, Maybe iPhone 5 launch date?

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Jul 122011


We’ve just been handed some internal AT&T information on device changes:

A new tier of device will be created in AT&T’s phone database on October 4th (a Tuesday:) which will require a higher rate of insurance. iPhone (and other devices) will move there on the arbitrary October 4th date. It is curious that the iPhone was mentioned specifically and not other devices.

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The Complete iPhone 5 Rumors

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Mar 232011

New design, brushed metal back, sliding keyboard, larger screen, contactless payments, etc … The more serious the most outrageous rumors about the iPhone 5 are already many and it becomes difficult to sort among all the brouhaha … In order to simplify the task and as I already did last year, I decided to synthesize all these rumors in the form a computer graphics, computer graphics and how! …

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Job Post Leads to Speculation Of Apple Television

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Feb 212011

According to a recent job listing for Apple, the company is looking for people to work on the next generation power supply technology. The job listing until a few hours ago read:

“You will be part of pride developing innovative designs, which are implemented in products used by millions of people. The position primarily involves high-density offline power supply’s development for Apple’s next generation Macintosh platforms spanning from notebook computers, desktop computers, servers, standalone displays and TV.” Continue reading »

iPhone 4 may get AT&T mobile hotspot on February 13th

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Feb 032011

So you might have noticed a few reviews of Verizon’s iPhone 4 crop up last night, nothing unusual about that, but a couple of its reviewers have had something to say about AT&T’s version of the phone as well. Walt Mossberg and David Pogue (who has since stricken the date from his review) both pinpoint February 13th as the date when they expect AT&T to turn on the Personal Hotspot capability that Verizon’s iPhone will have from launch. That’s expected to happen with an update to iOS 4.3, which recently went out to developers in its third beta iteration, suggesting the software’s nearly mature enough for public consumption and seemingly fitting right into this timeline. Mind you, this is still not concrete information, as Mossberg could conceivably have been talking of AT&T’s Mobile Hotspot app which is launching on the same day on devices like the Inspire 4G, and Pogue could have deleted the date for similar reasons, but we’re somehow disinclined to believe that two gentlemen in a position to have insider(ish) intel would both make such a mistake at the same time.

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iPhone 5 and iPad 2 will come with NFC built in, hints well-connected analyst

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Jan 252011

You’ll no doubt be aware of our (well justified) distrust for anything that passes a tech analyst’s lips, but this time’s a little different. Richard Doherty of Envisioneering Group cites “engineers who are working on hardware” for Apple’s latest project in asserting what that project actually is: NFC capabilities are apparently being built into the next generation of iPhone and iPad devices. Contactless payments via NFC have been steadily building up in hype and adoption recently — at least in the western hemisphere, the stuff is commonplace in Japan — and Doherty predicts Apple will make its move into the field with some new hardware and an accompanying “revamp” of iTunes. The idea would be to allow the use of iTunes gift card balances and the credit card info Apple already has from you to make swiping payments at compatible retail outlets. Apple is said to be planning enticements, like loyalty credits and points, to get you using its service in the place of the competition, and there are already a couple of software patent applications from the company detailing other potential uses for the technology. All of which could mean absolutely nothing, of course, but this seems like an awful lot of smoke for there not to be a fire under it.

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Aug 252010

Look who’s back. The LCD plus digitizer combo that we first laid eyes on last month seems to have leaked out again, still claiming it’ll be part of Apple’s upcoming (unannounced, but popular knowledge anyway) iPod touch 4th generation refresh. It continues to insist it’ll have a front-facing camera, pointing to the rounded hole in its forehead as evidence, and we’re now inclined to trust it that little bit more given the leaking site’s prior record. A visual inspection reveals it to have the same fused design as on the iPhone 4, which naturally invites speculation that the retina display will be pulling some PMP duty as well. Skip past the break to see the new screen side-by-side with Apple’s latest phone display and third-gen iPod touch hardware.

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Apple holding a media event September 7, says Bloomberg

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Aug 252010

Not sure how exactly this slipped our neural net, perhaps it was added in a later update, but yesterday’s Bloomberg revelation about a potential Apple TV show rental service now also includes the following tip: Steve Jobs et al plan on hosting an event in San Francisco on September 7. This just so happens to be on a Tuesday and meshes perfectly with Apple’s annual Mac plus iPod touch promotion (which ends on the same day). Of course, we could’ve told you Apple would be holding an early September iPod refresh event this time last year — the real question is what else might be revealed during the keynote?

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Apple iPad Pre-Orders to Begin February 25th? Speculation about Other Features?

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Feb 212010
AppAdvice claims that the iPad pre-orders could start as early as February 25th. The pre-orders are said to be for the U.S. Wi-Fi model initially. It’s really not much to go on, but Apple hasn’t given any indication about their launch plans for the iPad. During their press event, Jobs simply said that the Wi-Fi version would be shipping in 60 days, which places it into the last week of March.

While Apple did allow for pre-orders for the iPhone 3GS, the original iPhone launch was on a first-come first-serve basis at retail stores. The Wi-Fi iPad, however, does not require any long term contracts to be set up, making pre-orders more likely a possibility. Apple would have to get FCC approval for the device before being able to place it on sale. AppAdvice, however, isn’t a particularly reliable source of rumors as they previously claimed the iPhone 3GS would have an OLED screen and FM transmitter (both of which were not true).

As the actual launch approaches, many are hoping and speculating that there may be some unannounced software features for the iPad that might not have been finished at the time of the media event. It’s not without precedent, as Apple did announce YouTube support for the original iPhone just 9 days before its actual launch.

Kevin Fox had noted that several of the iPhone/iPod Touch minor applications were missing from the iPad. These include Stocks, Weather, Voice Memo, Clock, and Calculator. He goes on to suggest that these minor apps could return as some sort of Dashboard-like widget system.

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