Steve Wozniak personally delivers a Mac to fan [VIDEO]

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Mar 312014

Steve Wozniak, Apples co-founder, surprises fan when he delivers a Mac to her home personally. Wozniak is know for having a great relationship with fans and this video is proof of that.

The video, taken a few years ago, shows Steve Wozniak delivering an iMac personally to Emma Fraser’s house. Emma is awestruck when she realizes her idol is the one carrying her new computer. Peter, Emma’s father says: “This is like having your lightbulbs delivered by Thomas Edison”.

Mr Fraser was only an email acquaintance of Steve Wozniak and he asked him to do this for his daughter. Continue reading »

Steve Wozniak’s white iPhone (video)

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Feb 022011

You may have heard a thing or two about Steve Wozniak’s white iPhone from the Engadget Show this past Sunday, and while you should really go and watch the entire amazing interview, we’ve broken out the iPhone conversation. Enjoy!

[via engadget]