Apple’s Turkish store is now open [Video]

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Apr 072014

Apple opened its first retail store in Turkey, the store is located in Istanbul’s Zorlu Center. The two story complex design includes a monolithic glass roof that is shaped into a cube with Apple’s logo on top, a decorative pool between the glass and surface.  is very similar to Apples 5th Avenue store in New York City Continue reading »

Cydia 1.1 Has Been Released And Its awesome

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Mar 262011

Cydia 1.1 has just been released by saurik and is now available in Cydia. This version is nearly a complete rewrite from 1.0 and includes new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. According to saurik, Cydia 1.1 is faster, slimmer, and more stable; including an improved search algorithm and “resume where you left off”

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Cydia’s current release lets you easily download that jailbreak again and again

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Jan 212011

There’s a new iOS coming… eventually, and if you’ve jailbroken your device you know it’s going to get locked up tight again. The latest version of Cydia won’t change that, but getting back to where you left off just got a lot easier. The app has merged with Rock Your Phone and now enables you to sign in using a Google or Facebook account. It will then track your purchases and downloads so that they can be easily applied again. And again. And probably again. There’s also a new rating system and lots of other goodies — but don’t take our word for it.

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Apple Tablet or Apple iPad Ad ?

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Jan 262010

Rumors and speculations simply don’t seem to be ending.

With just a few more hours to go before Steve Jobs is expected to go on stage to reveal "the most important thing" he’s ever done, here comes a neat looking fake Apple Tablet ad with the look and feel of an Apple commercial.

A French website, NoWhereElse has released a beautifully crafted video, which one might easily mistake to be an Apple commercial for the iPad. Continue reading »

Apple Tablet Likely to Generate $2.8 Billion Revenue In First Year

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Jan 232010


Apple Tablet Likely to Generate $2.8 Billion Revenue In First Year

Apple likely to sell 5 million Tablets in first year

With the announcement of the Tablet around the corner, a lot of questions have been asked on whether this will turn out to be yet another cash cow market for Apple.

According to Mike Abramsky from RBC Capital Markets; the investment banking firm of the Royal Bank of Canada, a study by his company indicates that Apple is likely to sell 5 million units of the Tablet in the first year, generating revenue of $2.8 billion.

For the study, Mike says his firm considered three price points and then predicted the corresponding number of units that are likely to be sold at each of the prices. According to this, if Cupertino chooses to sell the device on the higher side at close to $800, they are likely to sell 1 million units. On the other hand, if the device is priced cheap at $500 for the mass market, the study says the company could then expect to sell 10 million units inside the first year.

Abramsky underlines the base case, where the device could be priced close to $600, as the most likely scenario. He says that at this price, Apple could sell 5 million units of the Tablet. Assuming a 30% gross margin for hardware would mean a revenue of $2.8 billion at the end of the first year.

Apple likely to sell 5 million Tablets in first year
Commenting on the long term, Abramsky predicts Apple to nearly double its sale numbers in two years time. Considering that the device would launch in newer markets during this time frame, that looks very likely. However, a cannibalization of 2%-5% is expected for the Mac market. But Abramsky denies any long term impact on Mac’s popularity saying:

“Although the tablet would not offer the breadth of features or raw performance of traditional laptops, it would deliver an optimal experience for buyers looking for user-friendly, media-centric computing at entry-level price points. The tablet may cannibalize some Mac and iPod touch buyers, but the lack of Mac OS X compatibility (and emulated Windows) reduces the appeal of the tablet as a Mac replacement for Apple’s traditional premium Mac buyers.”

As the study notes, the number of units sold basically boils down to the Tablet’s selling price. It is here that Apple’s negotiations with the carriers will prove vital. An attractive subsidy will decide how many tablets Apple can expect to sell. What do you think? Is a 5 million target possible at a $600 selling price? Tell us what your view.

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AT&T Prepping Network for Launch Of “Unannounced Devices”

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Jan 212010


Earlier today, we had reported on the possibility of Apple
partnering with Verizon in the launch of a subsidized Apple Tablet.

Now, it appears that Verizon might not be the only partner carrier. Folks at Boy Genius Report have indicated that AT&T too could be playing a part in the launch.

According to sources, AT&T has been working on a few changes in their network and regional executives are being informed of the same. Apparently, this is being done in order to prep the network ahead of the launch of a few “unannounced devices” that will use “heavy data”. While these statements do not imply anything definitive, it is still probable that the device in question is Apple Tablet considering that this is one of the very few devices launching in the short term that will consume a lot of data.
Having said that, there are other worries for AT&T too; primarily with respect to the possible timing of launch. As reported earlier, Kaufman analyst Shaw Wu has noted that Apple could be facing a shortage of component supplies in the coming months which could delay the launch of the Tablet till June. In such an eventuality, Apple could possibly be launching the Tablet and iPhone 4G around the same time – a potentially nightmarish situation for the carrier thanks to the sudden spike in the number of data consuming devices.
AT&T has faced a lot of challenges and ridicule in the past owing to their poor network. Though the company has been building a next-generation infrastructure, which is expected to become operable nationwide by the end of the year, doubts regarding the carrier’s service levels remain.
What do you think? Will the launch of a Tablet deteriorate AT&T’s network even further? Tell us what you think in the comments.
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At&t Brings Out Cheaper unlimited Plan.

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Jan 152010


Responding to price cuts from Verizon, AT&T today rolled out new unlimited plans for all devices on its network, including the iPhone. Under the new plans taking effect on Monday, iPhone customers can sign up for unlimited voice and data for $99.99 per month, although texting packages remain separate for an additional fee. The unlimited voice and data plan represents a $30 discount from the previous unlimited plan for the iPhone.
All smartphone customers, including iPhone customers, may now buy unlimited voice and data for $99.99. For smartphone customers with Family Talk plans (prices assume 2 smartphones), unlimited voice and data is now available for $179.99. Texting plans remain unchanged at $20 for unlimited plans for individuals, $30 for Family Talk Plans.
Existing customers will be permitted to change to the new plans as of Monday via AT&T’s website, with no monetary penalty or extension to contract terms. It is unclear at this time whether there will be any adjustment to AT&T’s non-unlimited plans to reposition its pricing tiers in relation to the new, lower unlimited price.
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Cost Of App Store Piracy Pegged At $450 Million.

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Jan 142010


24/7 Wall St. reports that Apple and App Store developers appear to have lost approximately $450 million to piracy since the marketplace for iPhone and iPod touch application opened in July 2008. The rough number is based on several estimates regarding the proportion of downloads that are paid applications, the piracy rate for paid applications, and the proportion of pirated app users who would have paid for the applications had pirated versions not been available.

There have been over 3 billion downloads since the inception of the App Store. Assuming the proportion of those that are paid apps falls in the middle of the Bernstein estimate, 17% or 510 million of these were paid applications. Based on our review of current information, paid applications have a piracy rate of around 75%. That supports the figure that for every paid download, there have been 3 pirated downloads. That puts the number of pirate downloads at 1.53 billion. If the average price of a paid application is $3, that is $4.59 billion dollars in losses split between Apple and the application developers. That is, of course, assuming that all of those pirates would have made purchases had the application not been available to them for free. This is almost certainly not the case. A fair estimate of the proportion of people who would have used the App Store if they did not use pirated applications is about 10%. This estimate yields about $459 million in lost revenue for Apple and application developers.

Based on Apple’s take of App Store sales of 30%, the report concludes that piracy has cost Apple itself in the neighborhood of $140 million over the past year and a half, a significant loss for the company, especially considering Apple’s estimated total App Store revenue of $500-$700 million.

The report also notes that Apple has remained silent about the issue and taken no significant steps to address the issue beyond the initial security measures deployed in the App Store. Assuming Apple’s true goal is to sell iPhones and iPods, then like the original iTunes Music Store, the App Store may very well be viewed as a means to that end. Consequently, the hit to Apple’s bottom line may be considered somewhat acceptable to the company if it continues to drive device sales, leaving developers to bear the brunt of the revenue loss.


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