VerbalVictor app gives a voice to disabled

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Dec 292010

With iTunes overrun with apps that do little more than find creative ways to promote products or otherwise suck time, it’s nice to see mobile technology doing something that’s, well, not so trivial. VerbalVictor, a $10 program, which should be available in the App Store next week, uses iPhone and iPad touch screens to allow people with disabilities to communicate with the outside world. Paul Pauca — whose son suffers from Pitt Hopkins Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes delays in cognitive development, motor skills, and verbal communication — developed the app as an affordable alternative to non-verbal communication devices. It touts functionality similar to the device used by Steven Hawking, but is far more accessible than the professor’s $8,200 setup. VerbalVictor allows parents and caregivers to take pictures and record accompanying audio; the entries are then turned into buttons, which the user presses when they want to communicate — sort of like a very advanced and customizable See N’ Say. The device can be used for simple expressions, like an image of a dog that speaks “dog” when pressed, or for recording commonly used phrases and complete sentences. It may never reach the popularity of, say iFart, but it’s sure to win some dedicated users.

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Apple purportedly utilizing Liquidmetal alloy in SIM ejector tool

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Aug 172010

Well, would you look at that. Just days after Apple made official its purchase of Liquidmetal’s IP, now the world is finding out how the two love birds are working together. Or, should we say, have been working together. According to Atakan Peker, the alloy’s co-inventor, the SIM ejector tool that ships with older iPhone units is made of Liquidmetal’s materials. To quote: “That’s my metal. I recognized it immediately. Take it from an expert, that’s Liquidmetal.” Cult of Mac has also confirmed independently that the tool is relying on the newfound acquisition (and Wired assumes the same is true on the iPad 3G), and from a supply chain standpoint, this oddity definitely makes sense. Apple’s no fan of relying on a sole supplier for anything, and given that Liquidmetal is one of a kind, it’s testing the waters on a relatively non-essential part of the puzzle. There’s still no word on how Apple plans to integrate the metal into future products, but given that the pair have apparently already been in cahoots, you can bet they’ll be able to skip right over the pleasantries and get down to what’s important.

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Man Lost His Finger Because Of Ipad [video]

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Apr 202010

We’ll be honest with you — it literally pains us to write this. If you’re the queasy type, we’d probably suggest scrolling on down and continuing about your day. For the hardcore still with us, the story goes a little something like this: a Denver-area man headed out to his local Apple store to pick up an iPad for a colleague (read: not even for himself), and in an interview, he admits to not even really understanding the fascination with Apple’s new product. After doing his good deed and plopping down the plastic, he casually curled the strings atop the Apple bag around his hand as he headed for the exits. Unfortunately, a pair of thugs met him along the way, yanking the bag, the iPad and all of the flesh surrounding his pinky finger as they bolted for a getaway. Currently, police are investigating surveillance footage in hopes of tracking down the crooks who pulled off the stunt… and, uh, a bit more than they likely bargained for. Video after the break if you’ve still got the stomach.
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