Jun 242014

Angela Ahrendts began her new job as Apples Senior Vice President of retail and online stores in May and has been well received by her coworkers and Apple customers as well. She was the former Buberry CEO with an impressive resume. She is described as “warm and genuine,” “honest,” and “passionate.” She seems to be fitting in quite well with the Apple culture. Continue reading »

Oct 092012

Prior to iOS 6, it was quite a pain to attach photo or video to an email. One had to launch the Photos app, select the photos or videos and then tap on the share button to send them via email. Continue reading »

Nov 292011

Cool trick for iPhone photographers, that will enable them to take steadier shots beyond using the volume button on their iPhone. The new trick simply lets you plug in your iPhone’s Remote Earbuds, open the camera app, and then use the volume button on the headphones as a trigger. This is perfect for steadier shots, or taking a better front-facing shot. Interestingly, this trick can even be used with a Bluetooth device, as a sort of wireless remote. Interested in more iOS 5 camera tricks? Check out the iPhone’s built-in panorama mode.

Oct 262011

Japanese users make extensive use of emoticons in their text messages and web pages. The use of these emoticons, called Emoji, is so prevalent that a standardized set of emoji icons are built into all the wireless handsets – including the iPhone.

Though Apple is known to have built the standard emoji keyboard into the iPhone since the firmware 2.0 update, this has not been made available to users outside Japan. So users outside Japan had to rely on hacks to use emoji icons on their iOS device.

However, with iOS 5, Apple finally allows users outside Japan to also use the Emoji keyboard. You can enable the Emoji by following these simple steps: Continue reading »

Dec 282010

So, Santa stuffed an iPad into your stocking on Christmas (insert mythical figure / appropriate receptacle / holiday of choice), and you’re wondering what to do with the thing? First of all, congratulations! The iPad can be a wonderful, loyal companion and friend, but it can also take a while to warm up to. As we always say, a device is only as good as its apps, both literally and figuratively: it’ll take some time to figure out what you want to get from the iTunes Store that will flesh out your experience, but it will also take some time to see which nooks and crannies of your life the iPad can fill, and what roles you’ll want it to take over from your laptop and phone. Follow along after the break as we show you how to wring the most out of your shiny new tablet. Continue reading »

Jun 102010

Android 2.2 OS has been ported to iPhone 3G successfully. The development team which is working on this project has already achieved excellent results and is able to run android 2.2 froyo with the ability to call and send SMS. Android 2.2 seems to work fine except for Wi-Fi and audio.

iphone 3g froyo android 2.2

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May 112010

iFixer is a new utility that will fix iTunes 9.1.x related errors when running Spirit Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, or blackra1n on Windows. The program basically has two buttons: “Make it Spirit!” and “Make it ra1n!”. Clicking on each of them will solve the respective iTunes 9.1.1 related issue.

iFixer for Windows

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Mar 162010


One way to select an entire paragraph on the iPhone is to touch and hold to select a word and then drag the grab points to select the paragraph.

Folks at MacOSXHints have stumbled on an easier and quicker way to select an entire paragraph while editing text on the iPhone.

The tip discovered by MacOSXHints doesn’t seem to be documented even on Apple’s website. Tomaria of MacOSXHints writes:

I discovered that you can select an entire paragraph of text by quadruple-tapping on it when entering text in the iPhone. For instance, when replying to an email, you can quadruple-tap on paragraphs in the quoted reply, then cut them.

You have to do it pretty quickly, and take care not to move your finger too much between taps. Try it a few times, though, and you’ll get the hang of it.

It is always nice to discover something undocumented so kudos to folks at MacOSXHints. Let us know in the comments if you found this iPhone tip useful.

[via MacOSXHints]