Apple adopting anti-theft measures to prevent phone theft

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Apr 162014

According to a report from CNET, Many companies including Apple are trying to stop smartphone theft by entering into the Smartphone Anti-Theft Voluntary Commitment.

The CTIA trade group has proposed this anti-theft measure that will come preloaded or be available for download on new model smartphones. This tool will disable a stolen phone and will be made available by participating manufacturers and carriers. Continue reading »

Apr 262010

Apparently, GeoHot is working on a new tool, called Limera1n. There is no word on “the streets” about the tool, so we don’t know for sure what is this all about. It could be a new jailbreaking/unlocking tool for 3.1.3 , but we tend to think that it will run on OS 4.0 and it will include the iPad as well. RC1 of the tool might be released right after the iPad 3G  launch, followed by RC2, RC3 which will include iPhone 4G ( just a presumption ). That’s all we know at the moment. Keep an eye on . We will keep you updated. Stay tuned…

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