Skype video calling is available now for iPhone

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Dec 302010

All signs have been pointing to this release for a few days now, but we’ll admit: we expected Skype to wait until CES next week to pull the covers off what could become its crown jewel service over the coming months. Skype’s official iOS client has finally sprouted the ability to make video calls, allowing iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and fourth-generation iPod touch users to share real-time video amongst each other and users of Skype’s Windows, Mac, and Linux clients along with the ASUS Videophone (obviously, 3GS users won’t have the convenience of a front-facing camera, but they’ll still be able to broadcast video from the rear-facing one). Additionally, you’ll be able to receive video from others if you’re using an iPad or a third-generation iPod touch. The service is free and works over both WiFi and 3G — and considering Skype’s existing PC footprint, we’d argue this stands a very real chance of putting the hurt on FaceTimeusage. No word on when Skype will be making video-capable clients available for Android or other mobile platforms, but Skype says that there’ll be “plenty more” announcements in Vegas next week, so we wouldn’t be surprised.

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Mr. Extreme Closeup suggests next-gen iPad is testing FaceTime… right now

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Sep 072010

Honestly, from this distance it’s hard to tell what’s going on, but 9 to 5 Mac says we’re looking at a next-gen camera-equipped iPad fielded specifically to test video calls. As you may recall, iPhone software surfaced with a very similar menu just weeks before the iPhone 4 came out, which either means someone was inspired to create a clever ‘shop, or that we just got our first real glimpse at iProd 4,1. Oh, and Mr. Extreme Closeup? He’s our friend Blurrycam’s old college roommate, didn’t you know?

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Jul 092010
We guess this is a “good” thing in a roundabout way, but Fring has just dropped the knowledge that its video calling update for the iPhone 4 has been so wildly successful that they’ve been forced to temporarily restrict Skype access to “free up capacity” for direct Fring-to-Fring calls. Hopefully the company is hard at work beefing up its infrastructure to bring everything back to normal — but in the meantime, at least you’ve got an easy way to look your EVO-toting friends square in the face without having to actually see them in the flesh. Perish the thought!

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