T-Mobile to enable WiFi calling for iPhone users

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Jun 022014

During Apples WWDC event the photo bellow was shown for a brief moment and on it we see many new features for iOS 8 that Apple didn’t talk much about or didn’t talk about at all during the event. One of those features includes WiFi calling, and T-Mobile has now confirmed in an announcement that it will enable the feature for iPhone users on its network when iOS 8 is relesed later this year. Continue reading »

How to make settings shortcuts icons on your iPhone or iPod

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Nov 212011

Designer Jeff Broderick has created some beautiful icons with pre-made shortcuts to your iPhone settings.

As reported earlier, Apple has made about 35 pref shortcuts that you can use to quickly navigate to specific areas in the Settings menu. Broderick designed icons for 11 of the most popular shortcuts and has created a website that will automatically add the shortcut to your Springboard.

You can check out his shortcuts by navigating to http://brdrck.me/settings on your device. Select a Settings icon then choose to add it to your home screen.

SBSettings Toggle Let’s You Quickly Enable Or Disable Personal Hotspot Feature

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May 262011

Personal Hotspot was one of the most useful features introduced in iOS 4.3, which lets you connect other devices to the Internet using the iPhone 4’s data connection. But it’s a pain to disable the feature when you don’t need it.

A jailbreak tweak aptly named Personal Hotspot SBSettings Toggle has recently been released that allows iPhone 4 users to quickly enable or disable the Personal Hotspot feature.

SBSettings is one of our favorite jailbreak apps as it offers a faster way to disable or enable settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G etc instead of the usual process of using the Settings App. Developers can also create custom toggles for SBSettings that can be installed from Cydia so that users can access them quickly from SBSettings menu.

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Comcast brings Xfinity TV VOD to iPhone, iPod Touch, Requires WiFi

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May 192011

Comcast rolled out a v1.5 update today for the iPhone / iPod Touch versions of its Xfinity TV app which allows them to access the video on-demand streaming that has been available on the iPad since February. Just like the iPad however, they’ll only work over WiFi — no streaming over 3G or downloading for offline viewing here, although unlike Cablevision and Time Warner’s iPad apps, you don’t have to be on your own WiFi for it to work. The slate of content has expanded to include 25 networks and over 6,000 hours of video, so for those confusing times when you’re within reach of WiFi but can’t get close to a TV, you can still queue up something for viewing. The official Twitter account advises a delete / reinstall for those having issues since upgrading, if you’re a Comcast subscriber who hasn’t already snagged the free app for its channel changing and remote DVR scheduling capabilities, you can do so at the link below.

iTunes Link

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iPhone 4 may get AT&T mobile hotspot on February 13th

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Feb 032011

So you might have noticed a few reviews of Verizon’s iPhone 4 crop up last night, nothing unusual about that, but a couple of its reviewers have had something to say about AT&T’s version of the phone as well. Walt Mossberg and David Pogue (who has since stricken the date from his review) both pinpoint February 13th as the date when they expect AT&T to turn on the Personal Hotspot capability that Verizon’s iPhone will have from launch. That’s expected to happen with an update to iOS 4.3, which recently went out to developers in its third beta iteration, suggesting the software’s nearly mature enough for public consumption and seemingly fitting right into this timeline. Mind you, this is still not concrete information, as Mossberg could conceivably have been talking of AT&T’s Mobile Hotspot app which is launching on the same day on devices like the Inspire 4G, and Pogue could have deleted the date for similar reasons, but we’re somehow disinclined to believe that two gentlemen in a position to have insider(ish) intel would both make such a mistake at the same time.

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Verizon iPhone 4, 3G mobile hotspot

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Jan 112011

It’ll probably be subject to an additional fee as usual, but Verizon and Apple have just revealed that the new CDMA iPhone 4 will act as a mobile WiFi connection for up to five devices. It’ll come with an iOS-specific version of the Verizon 3G Mobile Hotspot that folks have been enjoying on their Droids for many moons now. That should allowing for laptops, tablets and the like to get online via iPhone without a pesky cord, and almost certainly make the long-verboten iPhone – iPad tethering connection finally attainable. Joy to the world!

Update: Verizon called it an app, but getting hands-on we can see that’s not the case at all — Personal Hotspot is built right into the CDMA iPhone 4’s build of iOS 4.2.5. Perhaps we’ll see it migrate to other devices as well?

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iPad is on sale now at some Sam’s Club stores

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Nov 162010

If you’ve never been to a Sam’s Club, well you’re missing out on a seriously authentic American experience. The sheer quantity of goods should — and most likely will — overwhelm you as you cram the largest box of cereal you’ve ever seen into your shopping cart. Well, the cornucopia of products on offer has apparently been increased by one lately. That’s right, it looks like Sam’s Club is now selling the Apple iPad, according to several tips sent into 9 to 5 Mac. The pricing doesn’t look bad: $488 for a 16GB WiFi-only model and $609 for the 3G model. Hey, you had to pick up a mega pack of tinsel this weekend anyway, right?

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MyWi 4.0 Released

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Jun 282010

Yes the update you’ve all been waiting for. MyWi 4.0 has been released along with multiple new features. As always there is one bad thing about this, it has a $19.99 purchase price, and a $9.99 upgrade price but that’s not all.

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Wi-Fi Sync app rejected by Apple, But You can Get At Cydia for $9.99

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May 142010

WiFi Sync iPhone app rejected

We had written about the Wi-Fi Sync iPhone app last month. This was a nifty application developed by a student at the University of Birmingham that let iPhone users
wirelessly sync their iPhones or iPod Touch with iTunes. Engadget has now reported that the iPhone app has been rejected by Apple because of “security concerns”.

Speaking to Engadget about his conversation with an Apple representative, Greg Hughes, the developer of the iPhone app said:

“While he agreed that the app doesn’t technically break the rules, he said that it does encroach upon the boundaries of what they can and cannot allow on their store. He also cited security concerns.”

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iPad 3G video downscaled, blocked over AT&T network

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May 012010


In our early testing, iLounge has learned that some video delivery applications act differently over the 3G network than they do on Wi-Fi. The iPad’s built-in YouTube application strips both standard and HD videos to a dramatically lower resolution over the cellular data connection, something that iTunes Store video previews notably do not do, instead staying at a higher quality and consuming a greater amount of data.

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