Jun 182014

Beats released its ad called “The Game Before The Game” earlier this month, which promotes the World Cup and of course Apple makes a few cameo appearances as well. Despite Beats promotional ad for the World Cup, players are not allowed to wear Beats headphones in the stadium during the games or during media events according to Reuters.fifasony2014

FIFA, the international governing body over the sport, is enforcing the rule  because it has a licensing agreement with Sony which is competing with Beats in the headphones market.

Last month Apple announced its plans to purchase Beats Electronics and Beats Music for $3 billion. Tim Cook tweeted about the add saying “The team at Beats captures it perfectly. A must watch before World Cup.”Despite the ban, Beats will is most likely not to lose any momentum considering the rest of its marketing strategy.

You can watch “The Game Before The Game” short film bellow:

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