People, Not Science, Decide When a Pandemic Is Over

All pandemics end eventually. But how, exactly, will we know when the COVID-19 pandemic is really “over”? It turns out the answer to that question may lie more in sociology than epidemiology. As the world passes the second anniversary of the World Health Organization’s declaration of the COVID pandemic, things seem to be at a … Read more

‘Pursue Your Pure’ campaign launches | Business

LANSING – No matter what the weather is outside, spring officially arrives at 11:33 am today. Pure Michigan’s nearly $ 17 million advertising campaign has also arrived, ready to trumpet spring – and then summer’s arrival. The campaign reminds people to “Pursue Your Pure” during the warmer spring and summer months. Traverse City Tourism President … Read more

Duke Vs. Michigan State: If Coach K is to extend his career, he’ll need to push past Tom Izzo one final time

GREENVILLE, SC – Now it’s actually starting to feel real. Mike Krzyzewski’s finale of a season has been drawn out, as expected, but the closing number was always at a distance over the past four months. The NCAA Tournament was always too far off to see. December flipped to January, then January unfurled for February, … Read more

Since 2015, only 10 people in San Diego have been forced into mental health treatment under Laura’s Law

SAN DIEGO – When Gov. Gavin Newsom introduced his idea for a new mental health court earlier this month, he singled out a program that has repeatedly been criticized for failing to treat the most seriously ill people. He specifically pointed to Laura’s Law, created in 2002 to allow the state to mandate mental health … Read more