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TEWKSBURY – This year, three candidates will be competing for two open seats on the Tewksbury Board of Health. Among them will be Nicole Burgett-Yandow.

After growing up in Wisconsin, Burget-Yandow moved to Massachusetts in 1999 to attend Northeastern University. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, and later went on to attend UMass Boston. There, she graduated summa cum laude with a Masters of Science in Nursing in 2010, and received her family nurse practitioner accreditation from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

As a nurse, she worked for nine years at Massachusetts General Hospital in Infectious Disease, working on HIV clinical trials investigating medications and vaccines for industry and the National Institute of Health. She is a co-author of several research articles published in peer reviewed journals.

Burgett-Yandow notes that the skills she developed as a nurse will translate well to work on the Board of Health.

“I have learned over the course of my career how to be an effective communicator, make high stakes decisions, confidently lead but also know when collaboration is needed. I am used to reading and interpreting complex science based data, ”she said. “It’s often said that medicine is an art, there’s a bit of finesse that one develops after practicing for a time. This flexibility and the ability to recognize nuance is an intangible quality, in addition to all of the others listed above, that I can bring to the board. ”

In 2009, she and her husband moved to Tewksbury to raise their family. Her two children, Arden and Rourke, attend Tewksbury Public Schools.

In making her decision to run for the Board of Health, Burgett-Yandow was urged by other town residents for several years to seek an open seat due to her medical background, especially in the face of the ongoing pandemic. She believes her medical background and interest in public health in combination with her communication skill in regards to community outreach uniquely qualifies her for the Board of Health.

“Great communication and the ability to convey a message to many different groups of people with varying backgrounds is an essential component of public health and a skill I have honed over my years in practice, and I see this as something that the Board of Health must to.” she said. “With my background in medicine and interest in public health, I would like to facilitate the Board of Health communicating more with residents about their needs, providing resources and education and connecting residents to those resources.”

Due to COVID-19 related negative effects on mental health, Burgett-Yandow cites increasing accessibility to mental health services as a major focus for her work on the board if elected. In this regard, she hopes to utilize the Board of Health’s platform to increase community knowledge of existing resources, such as the Frontline Initiative.

“I reached out to community leaders of mental resources here in Tewksbury, like the Frontline Initiative, to discuss their current programs and was pleased to find that many of the resources that residents want already exist; however, it is a concern that they are not aware of them or how to access them, ”she explained. “The Board of Health can use their platform to highlight programs and services in order to connect them to residents in need and continue to partner with programs to enhance educational offerings at schools and in the community.”

Additionally, she would like to utilize the board’s social media and website to provide educational tools to residents as to the general functions of the Board of Health, as well as quickly and clearly convey important information regarding public health issues.

With the election approaching in the next few weeks, Burgett-Yandow emphasized her commitment to clear communication and accessibility to town residents in regards to board functions.

“I look forward to making the Board of Health more accessible, communicative and relevant to residents as we focus on public health and mental health needs in the community and schools,” she said. “I look forward to serving you on the Board of Health and if you value my medical expertise, passion for public health and drive to improve the lives of all residents of Tewksbury, I respectfully ask for your vote on April 2, 2022.”

To learn more about Burgett-Yandow’s campaign, visit her website, Nicolenpfortewksbury.comor Facebook page, Nicole Burgett-Yandow, NP for Tewksbury Board of Health.

The annual town election will be held on Saturday, April 2, 2022, from 8 am to 8 pm For more information regarding how to register to vote, polling locations, etc., visit https://www.tewksburyma.gov/town-clerk or contact the Town Clerk’s Office via phone at 978-640-4355.


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