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Disposing of garbage is a necessity, and thankfully, waste disposal companies have a system of hauling away trash to the appropriate places. The downside is that, even as the discarded banana peels and chicken bones are taken away, an aroma clings to the bins for months or years afterward if not properly cleaned.

So when there’s something rank in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Happy Bins Cleaning!

Vacaville residents Brittany and Justin Robinson founded the business last year to help Solano County residents with this much-needed service. Justin said he and his family had a similar service in South Dakota, where he was stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base. Now stationed at Travis Air Force Base, where he does maintenance work on the KC-10, and living in Vacaville, he found there was no such service locally.

“Last summer, when it was over 113 degrees, we noticed the flies and the bugs were quite active around trash cans,” he said.

Justin said it also became apparent as he and Brittany walked their oldest daughter to Browns Valley Elementary School.

“On trash day, when you start to see that long line and row of trash cans, our 2-year-old said,‘ Ooh, Mommy, it’s stinky! ’” He said.

The Robinsons found that while there were such businesses in Sacramento and San Francisco, there were none servicing Solano.

“We realized that if nobody was doing it here and nobody was servicing us here, we were hoping we could do our part to help clean up Vacaville and Solano County,” Justin said.

Happy Bins Cleaning primarily serves Vacaville and Fairfield but has also had customers in Dixon, Suisun City, Rio Vista, Benicia, Davis and Winters. Services are offered on all three types of residential bins, and the opening price for initial services is $ 65 for all three bins plus $ 10 for any additional bins. After that, customers can sign up for monthly or quarterly cleanings.

“All of our customers tell us they’ve never been cleaned,” Justin said. “Quarterly and monthly are a lot easier to maintain if they stick with us.”

Brittany said there is a reason they don’t clean just one bin.

“We found it was best to provide service for all three of their bins just to ensure there was no cross-contamination or possible bacteria or animals to get into one of the bins as opposed to all three of their bins at once,” she said. .

The process works by customers calling, texting or emailing Brittany or Justin and filling out a questionnaire on the website. On trash collection day in a customer’s community, the Robinsons will arrive in their truck after the trash is collected and park at the curb. They spray the bins with an eco-friendly degreaser, then the bins are hoisted onto a trailer equipped with sprayers that douse the bins with 200 degree water that kills germs and bacteria. The Robinsons then clean the outside of the bins with a pressure-washing wand and then apply a citrus deodorizing mist to sanitize the bins that have been cleaned.

The Robinsons have been trying to advertise on Google and social media sites, and their website has a referral feature where customers can refer their friends to the service. They are also hoping for a strong word of mouth.

Justin said customers have been “ecstatic” with the service.

“Most haven’t realized that their bins could be returned to that level of clean,” he said.

Brittany said customers have even said the bins had gotten clean enough to eat off of.

“Not that we would recommend that,” she clarified.

Brittany also said customers have liked the family aspect and “the friendliness that we try and offer.”

Happy Bins Cleaning is indeed a family operation, and the Robinsons’ three kids often join them on cleaning expeditions.

Justin said the business is a big change for him after working in the structure of the military for 20 years.

“We finally have a little piece that we can do on our own,” he said. “We saw that there’s a way that we can contribute, we can bring something that maybe not everyone has had offered to them before. The amount of effort that we put out shows every time we get invited back. ”

Brittany said she likes to be a part of something big.

“I love the piece that we actually get to give back to the community and offer a service to clean up the neighborhoods,” she said.

Once Justin retires from the Air Force next year, Brittany hopes to turn it into a full-time business. They are also trying to partner with the Department of Defense for its Career Skills Program.

“What we would offer is an internship process where we teach business management, skill sets, pressure washing to transitioning members out of the military,” Justin said.

Given a focus on keeping things clean during the COVID-19 pandemic, Justin said Happy Bins Cleaning provides a necessary role.

“We’re just happy that we can offer a service that maybe not everybody either wants to do or can do on their own,” he said.

Happy Bins Cleaning’s website is For more information, call 320-3435 or email [email protected]

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