Horses are helping with mental health

Many people in these difficult times are overwhelmed by the stress of life. The benefits of counseling, medicine and support system are all helpful, but for some people a different approach may be more beneficial.

Aspiring Champions is using a different approach to improve mental health. Through her “horse sensations” program, Shaley Griffin is using a revolutionary mental health treatment model incorporating the unique bonding experience between horses and humans to help individuals when traditional methods have not had the desired results.

Shaley Griffin grew up in the western way of life. She loves horses and is still experiencing and participating in rodeo events. She became an accomplished rider and won multiple rodeo awards and championships.

On the outside you might think she represents what most would consider “successful,” but on the inside she didn’t believe nor feel like a “champion”. Underlying her success was fear of failure, resentment and low self-worth which made it very difficult to have a life of positive outcomes.

In 2015, Shaley turned her life over to God and began a process of spiritual healing. During her transformation she realized she struggled with negative beliefs about life. She says she felt stuck in a rut of people pleasing, feelings of insufficiency and low self-worth.

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