Locos coach Hutchinson enjoying family business

Growing up in small-town Victoria, Australia, in the late 1980s and early ’90s, John Hutchinson understood the rules and priorities of the playground. He knew if he wanted to play the family sport, soccer, he would have to get in line.

Victoria isn’t soccer country.

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El Paso Locomotive coach John Hutchinson directs the team during a practice at the West Side Soccer Complex

“To get a game of soccer played at school, I had to play 100 (Australian Rules Football) games,” said Hutchinson, who in December was hired to be the second manager in El Paso Locomotive history.

“I love the AFL. When you’re in Victoria you must have an AFL team. You literally pick a team because that’s what you have to do in Victoria. My team was Collingwood.

“I love my AFL, but Mom and Dad were football (soccer) through and through. That was our family. I asked my Mom one day, ‘Do you like football?’ She said, ‘If I’m in this family, I have to like football.’ “

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