San Joaquin County women business leaders on what it takes to succeed

Local women who are leaders in construction, publishing, health administration and small business ownership shared stories about reaching their goals through a combination of doggedness, mentorship and thick skin.

And a common obstacle for them all was sexism.

“People will talk about you,” Shannon Hurles, president of JRH General Engineering in Stockton and executive director of the Builders’ Exchange of San Joaquin, said. They will say you do not know what you are doing and treat you as a joke, she said.

“Prove them (wrong) … You can prove them by efforts.”

March is Women’s History Month, a tradition established in 1987 to highlight women’s contributions to society.

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Breaking glass ceilings

Deitra Kenoly, a former Stockton Record publisher, is the owner of Inside Out Lighting and Decor in Stockton.

Deitra Holmes Kenoly is the owner of Inside Out Lighting and Decor on Pacific Avenue, Stockton. She is also the former president and publisher of The Stockton Record, and a past president of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce.

Kenoly joined The Record’s production department in 1981 simply because she needed a job.

Once there, she set her sights on becoming an outside sales executive, a job working with local businesses to get their ads in the paper.

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