‘Our blood is boiling’: Victims angry as son of dictator closes in on Philippine presidency

MANILA, May 5 (Reuters) – Former political prisoner Cristina Bawagan still has the dress she wore the day she was arrested, tortured and sexually abused by soldiers during the late Philippines’ dictator Ferdinand Marcos’s brutal era of martial law. Bawagan fears the horrors of Marcos’s rule would be diminished if his namesake son wins the … Read more

In the Supreme Court shadow, Biden urges voters to protect abortion rights

WASHINGTON, May 3 (Reuters) – US President Joe Biden on Tuesday appeared to vote to protect abortion rights by backing candidates who support them in November’s elections after a leaked Supreme Court draft showed it could soon overturn its 1973 decision legalizing abortion. Biden said his administration would respond once the Supreme Court formally rules … Read more

Florida governor signs bill stripping Disney of self-governing authority

April 22 (Reuters) – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday signed a bill that strips Walt Disney Co (DIS.N) of self-governing authority at its Orlando-area parks in retaliation for its opposition to a new law that limits the teaching of LGBTQ issues in schools. The Republican-controlled legislature on Thursday approved the bill, which will eliminate … Read more

Zelenskiy warns Russia is eyeing other countries after Ukraine

Russia says it plans full control of Donbas and Southern Ukraine Ukraine says comments show Russia is seeking occupation EU official sees decisive couple of weeks UN chief to meet Putin, Zelenskiy next week KYIV / MARIUPOL, Ukraine, April 23 (Reuters) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy warned that the invasion of his country was just … Read more

Ukrainian fighters hold on as Putin claims victory in Mariupol

Fight for Mariupol has been the biggest battle of war Putin says Russia has ‘liberated’ the city US to send newly developed “Ghost” drones to Ukraine KYIV, April 22 (Reuters) – Ukrainian fighters were clinging to their last redoubt in Mariupol on Friday after Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed victory in the biggest battle of … Read more

No word from Mariupol as surrender window offered by Russia opens

Fighters who surrender in Mariupol will be spared-Moscow Two hours into surrender window, no reports of activity Russia says urban area of ​​Ukrainian port city cleared Explosion hits Kyiv, local media says Ukraine says situation in Mariupol ‘very difficult’ April 17 (Reuters) – Russia told Ukrainian forces fighting in Mariupol to lay down arms on … Read more

Russia says blast cripples Black Sea flagship, Ukraine claims missile strike

Moscow missile cruiser damaged after ammunition blew up Ukrainian official says vessel hit by missiles Zelenskiy warns of new Russian offensives to avenge defeats Fall of industrial area would give Russia control of port KYIV / LVIV, Ukraine, April 14 (Reuters) – Russia said on Thursday the flagship of its Black Sea fleet was seriously … Read more

Hong Kong questions costs of COVID rules on mental health, livelihoods

HONG KONG, April 14 (Reuters) – To fight COVID, Hong Kong shut schools and businesses, nearly sealed its borders for two years, banned more than two people from gathering and quarantined whole buildings. Still the draconian restrictions were unable to contain the coronavirus, and with more than 8,600 deaths of mostly elderly, unvaccinated people, many … Read more

Biden says Russia committing genocide in Ukraine

Putin says he is confidential operations will achieve goals Putin seemed to ramble or stammer in address Zelenskiy mocks Putin saying attack is going to plan Concern over unconfirmed use of chemical weapons LVIV, Ukraine, April 13 (Reuters) – US President Joe Biden said for the first time that Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine amounts to … Read more

Concern over possible use of chemical weapons as battle rages in besieged Ukrainian port

Ukraine and allies check reports of chemical weapons use Battle for Mariupol reaches decisive stage Russian troops mass for eastern offensive UN official cites growing reports of rape US urges India to cut Russian oil and gas LVIV, Ukraine, April 12 (Reuters) – Civilians were fleeing from areas of eastern Ukraine on Tuesday ahead of … Read more