Combining behavioral & data sciences to optimize chronic disease management

Digital tools have become an essential part of our lives. Online calendars guide our daily routine; Waze and Google Maps plan our routes – warning us of traffic or an accident ahead; websites and apps recommend restaurants nearby; and this is just to name a few. These technologies direct and redirect us, offering optimal guidance … Read more

3 Secrets To Crushing Your Health Transformation Within the New Normal

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The pandemic has forced us into a new way of living, and it was unexpected from all fronts. The idea of ​​going to the gym is still out the window for many people. But yet, even with it closed, you can still transform your health within this … Read more

INVEST Pitch Perfect winner: Vincere Health offers underserved patients a holistic solution to quit smoking

From left: Shalen De Silva, CEO and co-founder of Vincere Health, and Jake Keteyian, the company’s president and co-founder. Smoking rates have declined over the decades by two-thirds since the Surgeon General warned of the consequences of lighting up more than 50 years ago. But today about 1 in 7, or nearly 13%, of adults … Read more

How a #Girlboss Takes Charge of Her Health

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Outside my window this morning, the sun is shining, birds are starting to sing again, and I’m feeling like the beach season is right around the corner. Sometimes, being your own boss doesn’t leave a female entrepreneur much time to think about diet and exercise – and … Read more

Kalispell Schools new suicide prevention specialist focuses on health, wellness

Serving as the Kalispell Public Schools new health, wellness and suicide prevention specialist, Ben Dorrington has been examining the best ways to serve students, staff and parents. The position is starting to take shape as Dorrington works to assess what the needs are and what work the district has done in the areas of health, … Read more

Why Glen Tullman is backing virtual diabetes clinic

Diabetes management can be time-consuming, cumbersome and expensive. Particularly for those who are uninsured or underinsured, it can also be unaffordable and inaccessible, according to the leaders of startup So instead of offering to help navigate the existing health system, the San Diego-based virtual diabetes clinic is setting out to create a completely new … Read more

IBM dumping Watson Health is an opportunity to reevaluate artificial intelligence

Scientists marked the 1970s and 1990s as two distinct “AI winters,” when sunny forecasts for artificial intelligence yielded to gloomy pessimism as projects failed to live up to the hype. IBM sold its AI-based Watson Health to a private equity firm earlier this year for what analysts describe as salvage value. Could this transaction signal … Read more