Let’s support Russian scientists – at the expense of Russian science

In the 1930s, thousands of scientists lost their jobs in Germany merely for being Jewish or opposing the Nazi regime. For Germany, however, this proved a spectacular own goal. Adolf Hitler declared that he would rid universities of Jews even if it meant “the annihilation of contemporary German science”. As it turned out, this was … Read more

Dozens more civilians rescued from Ukrainian steel plant

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine (AP) – Dozens more civilians were rescued Friday from the tunnels under the besieged steel mill where Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol have been making their last stand to prevent Moscow’s complete takeover of the strategically important port city. Russian and Ukrainian officials said 50 people were evacuated from the Azovstal plant and handed … Read more

Business Highlights: Amazon union rejection, Fed’s fight

___ Amazon workers in NYC reject union in a reversal of fortune NEW YORK (AP) – Amazon warehouse workers overwhelmingly rejected a union bid on Monday, dealing a blow to organizers who last month pulled off the first successful US organizing effort in the retail giant’s history. This time around, warehouse workers cast 618 votes … Read more

Underwater evacuations in Mariupol; Pelosi visits Ukraine

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine (AP) – A long-awaited effort to evacuate people from a steel plant in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol was underway Sunday, the United Nations said, while US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed she visited Ukraine’s president to show unflinching American support for the country’s defense against Russian aggression. UN humanitarian spokesman Saviano Abreu … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war: Civilians evacuate Mariupol’s Azovstal plant | Russia-Ukraine war News

Doznes of people have been evacuated from a steel plant in the pulverized city of Mariupol, including women and children. Two groups of civilians left the residential area around the Azovstal steelworks – the last Ukrainian stronghold in the bombed-out ruins of the southern Ukrainian city – on Saturday, Russian news agencies cited the defense … Read more

Ukrainians plead for Mariupol rescue; Russian advance crawls

KHARKIV, Ukraine (AP) – Ukrainian forces fought Saturday to hold off a Russian advance aimed at capturing an eastern industrial region along with Ukraine’s last holdout in the southern city of Mairupol, where fighters and civilians hiding under a heavily damaged steel mill endure agonizing conditions. The United Nations continued trying to broker an evacuation … Read more

UN works to broker civilian evacuation from Mariupol

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – The United Nations doggedly sought to broker an evacuation of civilians from the increasingly hellish ruins of Mariupol on Friday, while Ukraine accused Russia of showing its contempt for the world organization by bombing Kyiv while the UN leader was visiting the capital. The mayor of Mariupol said the situation inside … Read more

Ukraine: Attack on Kyiv was Putin’s ‘middle finger’ to the UN

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accused Russia of trying to humiliate the United Nations by raining missiles on Kyiv during a visit to the city by the UN chief, an attack that shattered weeks of relative calm in the capital. Ukraine’s forces, meanwhile, fought to hold off Russian attempts to advance in … Read more

Explosions rock Kyiv again as Russians rain fire on Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Russia pounded targets from practically one end of Ukraine to the other Thursday, including Kyiv, bombing the city while the head of the United Nations was visiting in the boldest attack on the capital since Moscow’s forces retreated weeks ago. Several people were wounded in the attack on Kyiv, including one … Read more

A chilling Russian cyber aim in Ukraine: Digital dossiers

BOSTON (AP) – Wrong relentless digital assaults on Ukraine may have caused less damage than many anticipated. But most of its hacking is focused on a different goal that gets less attention but has chilling potential consequences: data collection. Ukrainian agencies breached on the eve of the Feb. 24 invasion include the Ministry of Internal … Read more