Zero RAD card revenue has gone to south Stockton businesses

San Joaquin County has spent $ 2 million dollars matching money residents will spend at local businesses, in theory, putting cash in digital pockets and injecting much-needed relief into local businesses. The program has been active for over eight months, but south Stockton businesses have yet to see a dime.

The Relief Across Downtown Program, or RAD card – piloted by the Downtown Modesto Partnership and later picked up by San Joaquin County —is an app-based relief program that started with private donations and has since been expanded with federal COVID relief funds. The county spent $ 1 million in CARES Act funding toward RAD cards in June and another $ 1 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds in September.

At the beginning of March, 256 businesses were enrolled in the RAD program, up from 249 in February, which the Employment and Economic Development Department attests to continued interest in the program. Over $ 3.5 million in spending power has been loaded onto RAD cards with about 73% already used, but of the several hundred businesses benefiting from RAD card sales, zero reside in south Stockton.

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